RevRoad Companies Shine in Silicon Slopes Competition

Hallo at Silicon Slopes Competition

Of 32 companies accepted to the first round in the Silicon Slopes Startup Competition in Lehi, Utah, 4 were RevRoad portfolio companies.
XION Retail, Skill Struck, HaLLo and Journeyfront pitched live in front of the judges in the hopes of winning a $250,000 investment with Peak Ventures.
“This is great representation from RevRoad,” said CEO Derrin Hill. “In addition to making a good showing in front of the judges, each company that participated used the event as an opportunity to meet with other investors and business leaders in the Utah entrepreneurial ecosystem.”
On Jan. 31, HaLLO and Journeyfront were invited to participate in the final round.

Daniel Ash, Founder and CEO of Journeyfront, tells judges how his SaaS platform helps companies hire better employees using artificial intelligence.
Daniel Ash, Founder and CEO of Journeyfront, tells judges how his SaaS platform helps companies hire better employees using artificial intelligence.
Joon, Cofounder and CEO of HaLLo, tells how English learners can connect to practice from anywhere in the world.
Joon, Cofounder and CEO of HaLLo, tells how English learners can connect to practice from anywhere in the world.

RevRoad is proud of the hard work, grit and innovative drive of the entrepreneurs in our family of companies, and we look forward to big things in the future.
We’re taking the Utah entrepreneurial scene by storm!

Four Foods Founders to Share Their Story at RevRoad University Event

Four Foods Image

Provo, UT — Utah power couple Shauna and Andrew Smith will share their startup story with a live audience of entrepreneurs on Feb. 7 at RevRoad University. The event will take place from 11 a.m. –1 p.m. at RevRoad HQ, 1555 N. Freedom Blvd.
The Smiths work in tandem as president and CEO of Four Foods Group, a restaurant operations company that owns franchises across the country. Their brands include Kneaders, R&R Barbecue, Little Caesars, Swig, The Soda Shop and Mo’ Bettahs.
Four Foods fills the role of owner and operator for its franchises, with a focus on growing and scaling emerging brands, Andrew Smith said.
The pair will talk with RevRoad’s Rebecca Palmer about how they built the business from a single Kneaders franchise 10 years ago. They’ll discuss the role tech has played in their growth, their business partnership as a married couple and more.
To see a preview video, visit
February’s RevRoad University will also include a legal workshop with RevRoad Chief Legal Counsel Joel Beus. He’ll discuss intellectual property, including what kinds of information qualify for trade secret protections and how to prevent misappropriation of trade secrets and confidential information.
The free event will include complimentary lunch, courtesy of R&R Barbecue, and invitees are encouraged to come with questions for the presenters. The event will be streamed live at

RevRoad Portfolio Partner Momni Secures $1.75M in Funding

Momni Team

In July of 2018, Karmel Larson and the Momni team joined the RevRoad family. It was among the first drops of what will grow to be a tsunami.
Within weeks, Karmel secured coverage on the Dr. Phil Youtube channel. The story about the global childcare crisis caught the attention of more than a million viewers, and soon local press took notice.
Moms from around the country joined as Momnis, apps were published, and a rivulet formed.
On Friday, the Momni team turned those first droplets into a roaring river. She and her team secured a total of more than $2 million in funding to aggressively develop new features and open new markets for caresharing around the world.
The round was led significantly by Tamarak Capital, a Utah family office, and was accompanied by investors from Utah venture service firm RevRoad and angel investors.
“Now the Momni family is getting bigger, bigger and bigger and I”m feeling so grateful today,” Karmel said during the signing celebration. “I am so grateful for all the support I’ve received as Momni has taken off.”

Momni’s Beginnings

Larson was inspired to start Momni after learning about the global childcare crisis in 2017. The company released iPhone and Android apps earlier this year to help moms connect with one another digitally.
Momni’s platform connects moms’ existing network of friends they already know and trust. Most recently, the company was featured on the Dr. Phil Youtube channel.

Family First

Fighting back tears, Karmel expressed thanks to her first supporters — her husband and children.
“Brigham was our first investors and the secret behind the power of Momni,” she said, “And my children have sacrificed so much to have their mother be a part of Momni. Thank you so much for supporting their mother so other mothers can have childcare.”

Funding for Women-led Startups

Before the signing part on Friday, Karmel expressed gratitude to Tamarak for seeing the promise in her company.
“Statistics show that it’s hard for female startup founders to get funding, and I am encouraged by the overwhelming interest we’ve received to help moms worldwide support one another with a cutting-edge and network-based childcare platform,” she said.
“Few things are as socially significant as what Momni is focused on” said Nate McBride, partner at Tamarak Capital. “Momni is making a difference for families worldwide by harnessing technology to both improve the quality and accessibility of childcare in our communities — all while allowing Moms an additional source of income to improve their own lives. We have been so impressed with the Momni team, their product, and the impressive traction they’ve generated so quickly. They are a very talented team, working on a significant challenge, and we are proud to work with them in solving it for good.”
Larson considers Momni’s recent round to be an encouraging step in the right direction for female entrepreneurship, although female founders still encounter difficulty in raising funds.
A study released by the Boston Consulting Group and MassChallenge, a network of startup accelerators, found disparity in the size of deals as well. The average female-founded startup received $935,000 in funding, compared to $2.1 million awarded to the average male-founded startup. That’s despite the fact that female-founded startups performed better, bringing in 78 cents on the dollar in five years compared to 31 cents for men.
For Karmel, the funding is a sign of progress for women in entrepreneurship. But most importantly, it shows the power of what Momni will become.
“We are growing from a drop to a stream, to a river, to an ocean, to a wave, to a tsunami, she said, brimming with joy. “We will conquer the earth with this Momni tsunami.”

About Momni:

Momni is a revolutionary, sharing-economy tech company that seeks to link all moms everywhere for caresharing. Momni offers instant access to trusted care by mothers in your Momni Circle and community. The company works closely with the Momni Foundation to provide caresharing opportunities to women and families in the developing world as a solution to the global childcare crisis.

CES Honors Elios Narrowband Trackers with Innovation Award

Elios Tracker

RevRoad portfolio partner Elios has been on fire in recent months, refining the capabilities of the first narrowband tracker available in the US market.
Late last month, Elios announced that it had been named a CES® 2019 Innovation Awards Honoree. The announcement was made during CES Unveiled New York, which showcased many of the products and trends expected at CES 2019 in January in Las Vegas, Nev.

What are Elios Trackers?

The Elios GPS trackable power bank combines portable power with smart innovation. This device can be placed in pockets, bags, luggage, purses or other valuables. It relies on low-power narrowband technology rather than GPS or Bluetooth alone and can be used for safety, tracking, and power from anywhere in the world.
Elios trackers are focused on personal safety and locating the people, pets and things that matter most. The tracker and companion app feature SOS alerts, geofence, movement alarms, and more. They also offer extended coverage outside traditional mobile phone networks, making them great for “off the grid” use.

Recognized for Innovation

Every year, the CES Innovation Awards recognizes honorees across 28 product categories. Elios trackers were recognized in the Smart Energy category, which focuses on devices that power consumer products. Of 13 featured innovations, Elios offered the only device that combines global trackability with state-of-the-art portable power.
“We are excited to be named a CES 2019 Innovation Awards Honoree,” said Elios CEO Josh Cross. “Our team has worked hard to be innovative and provide products that help improve safety and security.”
Elios’ Global GPS Tracker w/ Narrowband (NB1/LTE/GSM/BLE) will be on display in the Innovation Awards Showcase at CES 2019. The complete list of CES 2019 Innovation Honorees, including product descriptions and photos, can be found at
Anyone who wants to catch a glimpse of the new products is encouraged to visit booth 50524 in Eureka Park.

About Elios:

Elios, Inc., is located in the heart of the Silicon Slopes and has years of experience developing bleeding edge power and tracking technology for people on-the-go. Industries benefiting from our products include: law enforcement, travel, outdoor, filmmaking, academia, global exploration, and many more.

Elios Unveils New Name, Expands Global Connectivity Offerings

Elios Charger


Provo, Utah — After more than four years of success with on-the-go power products for professional travelers, GoPlug Bags is now part of the Elios family.
The innovative company will focus on products that combine global trackability and portable power for unprecedented safety and security. The proprietary technology lets customers track what matters most, anywhere in the world.
In addition to finding the items and people most important to them, customers can protect themselves when they are lost or in danger. The new lineup of portable chargers will include discreet SOS panic buttons that work in more than 210 regions and countries throughout the world.
“Elios will continue building out GoPlug’s technologies and provide customers with the best travel, personal safety, and consumer electronic markets,” said Steve Dalley, Elios COO.
The rollout of the Elios GPS trackable power bank will be combined with crowdfunding efforts on Kickstarter. New product offerings will include the Cricket, a micro GPS tracker, and the Dragonfly, a GPS tracking power bank. These personal security devices can be used to track children, pets, luggage, electronics and more.

Innovations in Narrowband Tracking

Elios uses narrowband technology, which is new to GPS trackers and represents the latest in IoT (Internet of Things) technology. Narrowband technology uses a much narrower band of frequencies than traditional mobile networks such as GSM or LTE but reaches much further and requires much less power.
“Life shouldn’t be controlled by your batteries, and we solved that,” said Josh Cross, CEO. “But it shouldn’t be restricted by the reach of your Bluetooth either.”

About Elios:

Elios, Inc. is located in the heart of the Silicon Slopes, with years of experience developing bleeding edge power and tracking technology for people on-the-go. Industries benefiting from our products include: law enforcement, travel, outdoor, filmmaking, academia, global exploration, and many more. In addition to helping companies and individuals track what’s most important to them, Elios pledges a portion of its proceeds to helping solve two of the largest issues in the world today: personal safety and access to electricity.

RevRoad University to Host Homie Founder Johnny Hanna

Johnny and Paige Hannah

Anyone interested in learning the story behind the Homie billboards scattered up and down I-15 is welcome to attend RevRoad University on Thursday, Dec. 6, at 11 AM.
The free event will feature an interview with Homie founder Johnny Hanna and his wife, Paige. They will talk with RevRoad’s Rebecca Palmer about the beginnings of Homie, the struggles they have faced trying to grow a company as they grow a young family, their successes, and their plans to take Homie nationwide.
Audience members are strongly encouraged to come with questions of their own for the Hannas. Complimentary lunch, courtesy of Homie and RevRoad, will be served after the live interview and Q&A.
In addition to the interview, RevRoad University will include a free workshop on how startups can “create their own rainmaker machines.”

“No one has a job until someone sells something, and generating revenue is one of the most important things a business can do,” said RevRoad CEO Derrin Hill, who will lead the workshop alongside RevRoad Chief Sales and Talent Officer Dave Myers. “Join us to learn about several key aspects of creating a sales machine for your company.”
For a sneak peek of the December event, click here: Attendees can add their names to the Meetup event at The Ethical Amazon for Outdoor Retailers

XION Tradeshow

Local outdoor retail shops everywhere are struggling to compete with giant online retail behemoths like Amazon and It’s bad for the shops, it’s bad for the industry and it’s particularly bad for the millions of outdoor enthusiasts who rely on their local retailers. solves the problem for badass outdoor retailers (and adventurers) everywhere. The comprehensive service helps local outdoor retailers connect with their customers wherever they are, whether that’s online or in-store.

National Kickoff

At its heart, is an invite-only collective of small outdoor retailers. Small shops can get set up with fully integrated e-commerce and online marketing in minutes. It’s less expensive, easier and more effective than older digital solutions.
Bike, ski, and water sports shops around the country have joined the online retailer collective and are seeing significant increases in both online and in-store sales. Starting this month, is available for local outdoor retailers nationwide.
“I used to own a running store, and I know the challenges small retailers have in competing online,” said Founder and CEO Dan Fairbanks. “But we need these local shops. We need their expertise and their advocacy. If the little guys band together, we can take on the big players and keep shops open for outdoor enthusiasts everywhere.”

How it Works

With, local stores get their own web store and URL. Shops can upgrade to data-driven email marketing and a sleek point of sale (POS) system that automatically updates inventory and increases revenues by suggesting upsells during checkout.
Because is an online marketplace, these local shops and brands also get a national reach. If a cyclist needs a particular part or accessory, for example, and only one shop in the country has it, helps connect them using both internal search capabilities and pay-per-click ads with Google and Facebook.
Badass shop owners attending Outdoor Retailer 2018 will find the XION booth by looking for the badass XION BMW i8, and can ask for an invitation to the online collective on the spot.
For more information or to schedule an interview, contact PR specialist Rebecca Palmer at or by texting or calling 801-668-7073.


We are passionate about providing small retailers with the tools they need to successfully compete with big retailers, in-store and online. Our invite-only online collective is an omni-channel software solution that manages all aspects of a shop’s online presence, from A to X. We also provide email marketing to in-store customers with data-driven product suggestions, synced through an intuitive point of sale (POS) app that increases sales and decreases costs.

Free Systems Workshop & Conversation with CircusTrix Founder

Circus Trix

Sept. 25, 2018
Provo, UT — Entrepreneurs and business owners face a common problem: Too much to do; too little time. This prevents them from growing their business and spending time on things that really matter.
The answer lies in systems — a method of solving a repeated business issue in a strategic and effortless way.
Startup owners, employees and anyone interested in business is invited to learn more about systems during a free RevRoad University workshop on Thursday, Oct. 4, at 11 a.m. Attendees will learn how to build systems into their businesses and get a chance to talk with experts from the RevRoad executive team.
After complimentary lunch, sponsored by J.P. Morgan, #RevU will continue with an interview between RevRoad’s Rebecca Palmer and October’s Featured Founder Case Lawrence. They’ll talk about his experience as founder and CEO of CircusTrix and about his successes, strokes of good luck and lessons learned along the way.
Under Case’s leadership, CircusTrix has expanded at breakneck speed, starting with just one “extreme adventure” gym in 2011 and growing to more than 300 locations around the world.
More and more, Millenials want to spend money on experiences rather than things, Lawrence said ahead of the interview. Businesses like CircusTrix need to be on the frontier of this trend.
Attendees are encouraged to come ready with questions about capital strategy, raising money for startups and trends in the experiential economy.
For a sneak peek of the October event, click here: Attendees can add their names to the Meetup event at

For media inquiries, interviews or additional information, please contact RevRoad Strategic Communications Champion Rebecca Palmer at or by calling  801-668-7073.

About RevRoad

Did you know that 9 in 10 innovations fail in the marketplace? At RevRoad, we believe we can make a difference. We accept 3–4 portfolio companies every quarter, and we work side-by-side with them for two years. Along the way, we provide them with everything they need: a mentor who has been in their shoes, key service deliverables, and sweet office space. Because we accept equity instead of cash, we are fully invested in helping our Roadies succeed.

UVU Students Pitch Their Passions at RevRoad HQ

UVU Pitch

The leadership at the UVU Woodbury School of Business is constantly on the lookout for ways to help their students succeed in the classroom. But even more importantly, they are committed to helping its students succeed in the real world.
When Dean Norm Wright realized that many students had great business ideas but no time to bring them to life, he had a great idea: a summer program that would teach business fundamentals and culminate in helping driven students make strong business connections.
Within a few months, the Launch & Accelerate program was born. The 11-week program included 10 weeks of classes and 1 week of building. Local business mentor and serial entrepreneur Ralph Little led the effort.

Enrollment Doubles Expectations

The program was a roaring success from the start, explained UVU Entrepreneurship Director Mark Seastrand.
He had expected 12 or 13 students to apply, and got twice that. The success continued as the students kept attending the weekly classes and growing in confidence.
This week, the 18 students made it to the finish line and participated in a final pitch event at RevRoad HQ.
Many of the students started out with little confidence in their ability.
“I’m pretty excited about them,” Seastrand said. What was really interesting is a lot of these are non-business students who just have a passion for their ideas. To see them get up and pitch their businesses was really rewarding.”
Each of the students who pitched at RevRoad had an ask for the investors and mentors in attendance, even though some had only decided on a business idea a few weeks ago. The needed connections, formal mentorship, money for marketing and sales leads, and help with finding talent, explained RevRoad Executive Director Amy Caldwell.
“It was fun,” she added. “You could tell they were nervous but they were super excited. They had a whole new level of confidence compared to when we saw their videos at the beginning of the 12 weeks.
Seastrand was very pleased with the success of Launch & Accelerate, and hopes to continue it next year. The university will conduct follow-up surveys of the students and investors who participated as part of the Wolverine Fund.

Growing Partnership Between RevRoad and UVU

“Mark has done a great job in bringing the different departments together at the university, and the pitch event was proof of his success,” Caldwell said, beaming. “We are so grateful to him for helping build the relationship between RevRoad and UVU, and we’re excited to grow the partnership in the future.”

The Next Step for Entrepreneurs? RevUp!

Anyone interested in entrepreneurship, who has an idea, wants an idea, or better yet, knows of a problem that could be turned into successful startup, is  welcome to attend RevRoad’s free classes, RevUp! RevRoad team members lead a weekly workshop, and class members get help and education during every step of their journey toward startup traction. Contact RevRoad Analyst Seth Robinson for details.

Changing Lives, One Thought at a Time: The ACCI Story


Entrepreneurs everywhere are catalysts for creation, and at RevRoad we have helped create consumer products, social platforms, artificial intelligence software and more.
This quarter, we have embraced the opportunity to help create something even more important — real, positive change.
We would like to introduce you to ACCI, the American Community Corrections Institute. The company is just a short walk from RevRoad HQ, and has been going strong for more than 40 years.
It all started when Founder Larry Lloyd had an innovative idea: If we never change negative thinking, we will never change negative behavior. Over the years, this idea was built into course materials and lesson plans. Today, the curriculum is used widely by correctional institutions and justice-involved individuals.
“ACCI has years of experience in improving the lives of people with big challenges, including those who have been or are incarcerated, or who have run afoul of the law,” RevRoad CEO Derrin Hill explained. “Their programs and materials have helped thousands of these individuals turn their lives around.”
Each of ACCI’s cognitive restructuring courses uses stories to encourage new ways of thinking. Paired with one-on-one coaching, self-directed learning and repetition, the results have been extraordinary.
In Utah’s Box Elder County, for example, there was a 57 percent reduction in substance abuse cases within 3 years of local courts’ implementing ACCI methodology.  In Bastrop County, Texas, recidivism rates dropped from an expected 52 percent to about 3 percent following implementation.

New Direction for ACCI: Prevention

Larry’s son, organizational psychologist Trevor Lloyd, recently took the helm of ACCI. He first visited RevRoad for our 2018 Entrepreneur Competition in March. His company was one of the only post-revenue ventures to participate in the competition, and the judges were immediately impressed by ACCI’s traction, Trevor’s understanding of the market and his vision for the future of ACCI.
Within weeks, ACCI had signed on as part of our Q2 Roadie cohort. The company continues to do great work in corrections, and has created excellent new curriculum for schools.
ACCI is taking on major issues of our day such as bullying, social media addiction, violence and drug use in schools. The curriculum will impact thousands of lives, and the effects will reverberate through families and communities worldwide. It’s available both in print and on tablets, thanks to a partnership with edtech company ONEder.
If cognitive restructuring can reduce recidivism, think about how much it could do before any laws were broken or lives shattered!

Team RevRoad is Hard at Work, Helping ACCI Succeed

In just a few months, the RevRoad team has made great strides toward helping ACCI achieve its goals. We are energized each time Trevor visits the office, and continually impressed by his go-getter attitude, his uncommon intelligence and his infectious sense of humor.
The Marketing Hub been helping him prepare for an affiliate summit he has planned for this Fall, which will have attendees from as far away as Namibia. The team has also focused on brochures, a complete website redesign, social media, blogging and more.
Meanwhile, the Sales Hub has helped Trevor  grow his network with new contacts, affiliates and customers. Recently, we introduced him to Provo Mayor Michelle Kaufusi. She was so impressed that she offered to arrange a meeting between Trevor and the president of the local school board.
“We’re very excited to partner with ACCI, and even more excited about helping them grow their business in education, where these materials and courses can play a preventive role,” Derrin said. “If we can help the next generation change the way they think, we can change the world for the better.”
For more information about ACCI and to see our website redesign, visit