Responsibility in Families

Written By: A.J. Rounds, Chief Marketing Officer at RevRoad

Responsibility in family. What a fantastic topic. Families come in all shapes, sizes, and varieties. 

Cultures and societal norms can play a big part in what defines responsibility in every family. In other words, it can be defined in many ways. 

Most can agree that parents have a responsibility to care for their children’s well being, while children have the responsibility to learn to be responsible family members, good citizens, and demonstrate responsible behaviors.

Teaching Children Responsibility

One of the ways in which children can learn responsibility is by watching and emulating the examples set by parents.

Being responsible means taking action.

It is beneficial for kids to learn that helping yourself, your family, others, and the community is a choice. But taking that first step towards responsibility is not always easy. 

Responsibility often requires an act of courage.  

Parents have the responsibility to guide and support courageous behaviors. 

Taking the initiative to be responsible requires a push out of our own bubble. It requires us to leave our comfort zone for the sole purpose of helping someone else

Sometimes, the choice to do so is simple. If we see a pregnant woman on the train it’s a good idea to offer our seat. If we see someone struggling with many bags, we should open the door.

These small acts of kindness are essential to creating a responsible society and are often taught within the family unit. But there are other, different types of responsibility that we need to partake in as well — actions that require a little more courage and choice

These behaviors are often less clear and require value judgements, judgements taught and supported at home.

Recognizing Responsible Situations

Think back to being a kid on the playground. Maybe, as we dangled from the monkey bars, we noticed another child bullying a classmate. The easiest thing to do would be to ignore the incident and keep playing. The responsible thing to do, however, would be to stand up to the bully. Doing so would be scary but show bravery, and ultimately a powerful act of responsibility.

Responsible situations happen daily. There are always opportunities to act responsibly. 

 What about stepping in to help out a community after a disaster? Or reporting to the scene of a crime?  These things can be difficult but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do what we can to help.

Sometimes responsibility means inserting ourselves into situations in order to do good, and teaching family members why and when it’s important to do so. 

Let’s make a resolution to find the courage within ourselves to take on responsibilities where necessary and teach family members to do the same. By teaching responsibility in families, we are preparing the world’s next generation of entrepreneurs and business leaders.

RevRoad Portfolio Partner Momni Secures $1.75M in Funding

Momni Team

In July of 2018, Karmel Larson and the Momni team joined the RevRoad family. It was among the first drops of what will grow to be a tsunami.
Within weeks, Karmel secured coverage on the Dr. Phil Youtube channel. The story about the global childcare crisis caught the attention of more than a million viewers, and soon local press took notice.
Moms from around the country joined as Momnis, apps were published, and a rivulet formed.
On Friday, the Momni team turned those first droplets into a roaring river. She and her team secured a total of more than $2 million in funding to aggressively develop new features and open new markets for caresharing around the world.
The round was led significantly by Tamarak Capital, a Utah family office, and was accompanied by investors from Utah venture service firm RevRoad and angel investors.
“Now the Momni family is getting bigger, bigger and bigger and I”m feeling so grateful today,” Karmel said during the signing celebration. “I am so grateful for all the support I’ve received as Momni has taken off.”

Momni’s Beginnings

Larson was inspired to start Momni after learning about the global childcare crisis in 2017. The company released iPhone and Android apps earlier this year to help moms connect with one another digitally.
Momni’s platform connects moms’ existing network of friends they already know and trust. Most recently, the company was featured on the Dr. Phil Youtube channel.

Family First

Fighting back tears, Karmel expressed thanks to her first supporters — her husband and children.
“Brigham was our first investors and the secret behind the power of Momni,” she said, “And my children have sacrificed so much to have their mother be a part of Momni. Thank you so much for supporting their mother so other mothers can have childcare.”

Funding for Women-led Startups

Before the signing part on Friday, Karmel expressed gratitude to Tamarak for seeing the promise in her company.
“Statistics show that it’s hard for female startup founders to get funding, and I am encouraged by the overwhelming interest we’ve received to help moms worldwide support one another with a cutting-edge and network-based childcare platform,” she said.
“Few things are as socially significant as what Momni is focused on” said Nate McBride, partner at Tamarak Capital. “Momni is making a difference for families worldwide by harnessing technology to both improve the quality and accessibility of childcare in our communities — all while allowing Moms an additional source of income to improve their own lives. We have been so impressed with the Momni team, their product, and the impressive traction they’ve generated so quickly. They are a very talented team, working on a significant challenge, and we are proud to work with them in solving it for good.”
Larson considers Momni’s recent round to be an encouraging step in the right direction for female entrepreneurship, although female founders still encounter difficulty in raising funds.
A study released by the Boston Consulting Group and MassChallenge, a network of startup accelerators, found disparity in the size of deals as well. The average female-founded startup received $935,000 in funding, compared to $2.1 million awarded to the average male-founded startup. That’s despite the fact that female-founded startups performed better, bringing in 78 cents on the dollar in five years compared to 31 cents for men.
For Karmel, the funding is a sign of progress for women in entrepreneurship. But most importantly, it shows the power of what Momni will become.
“We are growing from a drop to a stream, to a river, to an ocean, to a wave, to a tsunami, she said, brimming with joy. “We will conquer the earth with this Momni tsunami.”

About Momni:

Momni is a revolutionary, sharing-economy tech company that seeks to link all moms everywhere for caresharing. Momni offers instant access to trusted care by mothers in your Momni Circle and community. The company works closely with the Momni Foundation to provide caresharing opportunities to women and families in the developing world as a solution to the global childcare crisis.