Elios Unveils New Name, Expands Global Connectivity Offerings

Elios Charger


Provo, Utah — After more than four years of success with on-the-go power products for professional travelers, GoPlug Bags is now part of the Elios family.
The innovative company will focus on products that combine global trackability and portable power for unprecedented safety and security. The proprietary technology lets customers track what matters most, anywhere in the world.
In addition to finding the items and people most important to them, customers can protect themselves when they are lost or in danger. The new lineup of portable chargers will include discreet SOS panic buttons that work in more than 210 regions and countries throughout the world.
“Elios will continue building out GoPlug’s technologies and provide customers with the best travel, personal safety, and consumer electronic markets,” said Steve Dalley, Elios COO.
The rollout of the Elios GPS trackable power bank will be combined with crowdfunding efforts on Kickstarter. New product offerings will include the Cricket, a micro GPS tracker, and the Dragonfly, a GPS tracking power bank. These personal security devices can be used to track children, pets, luggage, electronics and more.

Innovations in Narrowband Tracking

Elios uses narrowband technology, which is new to GPS trackers and represents the latest in IoT (Internet of Things) technology. Narrowband technology uses a much narrower band of frequencies than traditional mobile networks such as GSM or LTE but reaches much further and requires much less power.
“Life shouldn’t be controlled by your batteries, and we solved that,” said Josh Cross, CEO. “But it shouldn’t be restricted by the reach of your Bluetooth either.”

About Elios:

Elios, Inc. is located in the heart of the Silicon Slopes, with years of experience developing bleeding edge power and tracking technology for people on-the-go. Industries benefiting from our products include: law enforcement, travel, outdoor, filmmaking, academia, global exploration, and many more. In addition to helping companies and individuals track what’s most important to them, Elios pledges a portion of its proceeds to helping solve two of the largest issues in the world today: personal safety and access to electricity.

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