Changing Lives, One Thought at a Time: The ACCI Story


Entrepreneurs everywhere are catalysts for creation, and at RevRoad we have helped create consumer products, social platforms, artificial intelligence software and more.
This quarter, we have embraced the opportunity to help create something even more important — real, positive change.
We would like to introduce you to ACCI, the American Community Corrections Institute. The company is just a short walk from RevRoad HQ, and has been going strong for more than 40 years.
It all started when Founder Larry Lloyd had an innovative idea: If we never change negative thinking, we will never change negative behavior. Over the years, this idea was built into course materials and lesson plans. Today, the curriculum is used widely by correctional institutions and justice-involved individuals.
“ACCI has years of experience in improving the lives of people with big challenges, including those who have been or are incarcerated, or who have run afoul of the law,” RevRoad CEO Derrin Hill explained. “Their programs and materials have helped thousands of these individuals turn their lives around.”
Each of ACCI’s cognitive restructuring courses uses stories to encourage new ways of thinking. Paired with one-on-one coaching, self-directed learning and repetition, the results have been extraordinary.
In Utah’s Box Elder County, for example, there was a 57 percent reduction in substance abuse cases within 3 years of local courts’ implementing ACCI methodology.  In Bastrop County, Texas, recidivism rates dropped from an expected 52 percent to about 3 percent following implementation.

New Direction for ACCI: Prevention

Larry’s son, organizational psychologist Trevor Lloyd, recently took the helm of ACCI. He first visited RevRoad for our 2018 Entrepreneur Competition in March. His company was one of the only post-revenue ventures to participate in the competition, and the judges were immediately impressed by ACCI’s traction, Trevor’s understanding of the market and his vision for the future of ACCI.
Within weeks, ACCI had signed on as part of our Q2 Roadie cohort. The company continues to do great work in corrections, and has created excellent new curriculum for schools.
ACCI is taking on major issues of our day such as bullying, social media addiction, violence and drug use in schools. The curriculum will impact thousands of lives, and the effects will reverberate through families and communities worldwide. It’s available both in print and on tablets, thanks to a partnership with edtech company ONEder.
If cognitive restructuring can reduce recidivism, think about how much it could do before any laws were broken or lives shattered!

Team RevRoad is Hard at Work, Helping ACCI Succeed

In just a few months, the RevRoad team has made great strides toward helping ACCI achieve its goals. We are energized each time Trevor visits the office, and continually impressed by his go-getter attitude, his uncommon intelligence and his infectious sense of humor.
The Marketing Hub been helping him prepare for an affiliate summit he has planned for this Fall, which will have attendees from as far away as Namibia. The team has also focused on brochures, a complete website redesign, social media, blogging and more.
Meanwhile, the Sales Hub has helped Trevor  grow his network with new contacts, affiliates and customers. Recently, we introduced him to Provo Mayor Michelle Kaufusi. She was so impressed that she offered to arrange a meeting between Trevor and the president of the local school board.
“We’re very excited to partner with ACCI, and even more excited about helping them grow their business in education, where these materials and courses can play a preventive role,” Derrin said. “If we can help the next generation change the way they think, we can change the world for the better.”
For more information about ACCI and to see our website redesign, visit

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