EVject Attends History-Making Cybertruck Launch

PROVO, UT December 21, 2023, After a prolonged wait, Tesla enthusiasts attended the much-anticipated launch of the Cybertruck in Austin, Texas, on November 30. The event was nothing short of spectacular, leaving the electric vehicle community buzzing with excitement. Despite the worldwide impact of the Cybertruck launch, we can’t forget another  product making history in the EV world today—EVject.

The launch of the Cybertruck marked a turning point in the electric vehicle industry. Tesla has once again redefined automotive design with its bold and futuristic take on the conventional truck, capturing the imagination of car enthusiasts worldwide.

Kreg Peeler, one of the founders of EVject, and team were able to go to Austin and attend the launch of the Cybertruck. At the event they were able to gift EVjects to various EV influencers, like Sandy Munro, Zac Cataldo, and Kim Java.

Kreg shared with us, “I am super excited to be delivering EVjects and be a part of Tesla’s innovation. This is just the beginning of an EV revolution.”

For years, EV owners—and now Cybertruck owners—have witnessed and driven the next generation of vehicles. However, in one regard, EVs fall far behind their combustion counterparts: and that is charging safety. Until this year, EV owners have had no means of escaping dangerous situations while charging, as EV software prevents them from shifting into Drive as they charge—a vulnerability not present in gas vehicles. EVject has changed this dynamic entirely. Using the EVject, owners can safely shift into Drive while they charge, separating the charging connection and making room for a quick escape.

In the aftermath of the Cybertruck launch, it’s clear that Tesla has once again set a new standard for electric vehicles. As orders continue to flood in, it’s evident that Tesla’s groundbreaking innovation is poised to dominate the electric vehicle landscape for years to come. While its design and bulletproof features have stolen the spotlight, it’s important not to overlook the fact that the Cybertruck still has a critical safety vulnerability—to which the EVject is the only solution on the market today.

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