EVject Attends History-Making Cybertruck Launch

PROVO, UT December 21, 2023, After a prolonged wait, Tesla enthusiasts attended the much-anticipated launch of the Cybertruck in Austin, Texas, on November 30. The event was nothing short of spectacular, leaving the electric vehicle community buzzing with excitement. Despite the worldwide impact of the Cybertruck launch, we can’t forget another  product making history in the EV world today—EVject.

The launch of the Cybertruck marked a turning point in the electric vehicle industry. Tesla has once again redefined automotive design with its bold and futuristic take on the conventional truck, capturing the imagination of car enthusiasts worldwide.

Kreg Peeler, one of the founders of EVject, and team were able to go to Austin and attend the launch of the Cybertruck. At the event they were able to gift EVjects to various EV influencers, like Sandy Munro, Zac Cataldo, and Kim Java.

Kreg shared with us, “I am super excited to be delivering EVjects and be a part of Tesla’s innovation. This is just the beginning of an EV revolution.”

For years, EV owners—and now Cybertruck owners—have witnessed and driven the next generation of vehicles. However, in one regard, EVs fall far behind their combustion counterparts: and that is charging safety. Until this year, EV owners have had no means of escaping dangerous situations while charging, as EV software prevents them from shifting into Drive as they charge—a vulnerability not present in gas vehicles. EVject has changed this dynamic entirely. Using the EVject, owners can safely shift into Drive while they charge, separating the charging connection and making room for a quick escape.

In the aftermath of the Cybertruck launch, it’s clear that Tesla has once again set a new standard for electric vehicles. As orders continue to flood in, it’s evident that Tesla’s groundbreaking innovation is poised to dominate the electric vehicle landscape for years to come. While its design and bulletproof features have stolen the spotlight, it’s important not to overlook the fact that the Cybertruck still has a critical safety vulnerability—to which the EVject is the only solution on the market today.

RevRoad Named One of the Best Companies to Work for in Utah

Company Acknowledged with Distinguished Recognition for its Dedication to Creating an Outstanding Workplace 

PROVO, UT December 13, 2023, RevRoad started its journey in 2017 as a sweat-equity partner company dedicated to fueling the growth of startups. The company is thrilled to share a significant milestone, being recognized, by Utah Business Magazine, as one of 2023’s “Best Companies to Work for in Utah“. This award is a testament to RevRoad’s unwavering devotion to cultivating an empowering workplace that connects with its team members.

As a true sweat-equity partner, RevRoad supports its portfolio companies through different services to achieve maximum profitability, support market entry, and establish a foundation for their ventures. RevRoad’s unique approach involves collaborative efforts, with team members working side-by-side with portfolio companies, ensuring a seamless scaling process while keeping founders firmly in the driver’s seat.

“At RevRoad, we often use the phrase, ‘your vibe attracts your tribe.’ We believe that fostering a positive and collaborative environment not only enhances the overall workplace experience but also draws in individuals who resonate with and contribute to the collective spirit and goals of the organization,” said Derrin Hill, founder and CEO of RevRoad. “Being recognized as one of the Best Companies to Work for in Utah is a tremendous honor and a reflection of an environment where every team member’s contribution is valued and makes a difference.”

The RevRoad team accepted the award during the Utah Business Award Ceremony, on Wednesday , December 13, 2023.  RevRoad looks forward to continuing to foster an uplifting work environment and support to its portfolio companies. Nominees for the award were considered based on the survey responses, anonymously submitted by each company’s employees. The survey covered various aspects of work life, including perks, organizational culture, leadership, and beyond. 

To learn more about RevRoad and explore opportunities to become the next portfolio company, visit https://www.revroad.com

About RevRoad:
RevRoad is a sweat-equity partner for scaling companies, dedicated to achieving the full value of startups. The company empowers portfolio companies to maximize profitability, get to market faster, and create a solid foundation for their venture. RevRoad team members work shoulder-to-shoulder with portfolio companies, enabling businesses to scale efficiently while keeping founders in the driver’s seat. Visit revroad.com to learn more and apply to become the next portfolio company.

Media Contact:
Madeline Eames


(208) 670-0326

Empowering Dreams: ETS and RevRoad’s People-First Partnership

In an exciting collaboration, Engineered Tax Services (ETS) and RevRoad are embarking on a journey that goes beyond a typical business partnership – their mission is to grow small businesses and leave a lasting impact on people’s lives. ETS is one of the biggest licensed engineering firms providing specialty tax services to CPA firms and its clients.

Julio Gonzalez, Founder and CEO of Engineered Advisory (EA), the parent company of ETS, believes the real spirit of this partnership is how, together, they can level the playing field by allowing small businesses access to tax benefits and grants. For Julio, this goes beyond financial numbers; it’s about empowering founders and businesses to thrive.

“We’re here to give small businesses access to benefits and grants, creating tax equality for all.” 

The collaborative spirit between these two companies shines in their shared vision for a brighter future for every small business. RevRoad, as a sweat equity partner, will provide critical support to ETS in marketing, strategy, development, and more. They will aid ETS in streamlining internal processes, building efficiencies, and scaling its operations.

Derrin Hill, Founder and CEO at RevRoad, shares his excitement for this partnership.

“We’re creating opportunities for people, businesses, and dreams. Together, we’re driving growth with heart. This partnership isn’t just about business; it’s about shared values propelling growth.”

RevRoad takes great pleasure in extending a warm welcome to Engineered Tax Services (ETS) as a company in the RevRoad portfolio. For more information about ETS go to link.

Ready. Set. Rev!