4 Steps for Website Creation

A website should be one of the top tools for your company. When designed correctly, a visitor will understand what your company does, how it works, why they need it, and what action to take next. Whether you’re revitalizing your website or starting from scratch, the process is the same. 

  • Strategy
    The first step in any design project is to figure out your strategy. You need to determine the purpose of your site. Is it to get signups? Is it to promote events? Is it purely informational? Then, make sure your website accomplishes one or two of the following:
    • Increase brand awareness and brand health
    • Increase the number of new leads/prospects
    • Deliver a high-quality, unified brand experience across all channels
    • Increase awareness around products and services
    • Increase existing business and revenue
  • Messaging
    After you’ve done a good amount of research and really nailed down what your website should be, that’s when you start outlining and preparing the content. 
    • Define your unique value prop
    • Write for your audience
    • Think about the user/buyer journey
    • Call to action
  • Design
    After the messaging is complete, it’s time to start designing!
    • Use your messaging to inform the look and feel
    • Use prototyping tools for rapid iteration
    • Gather user feedback
    • Show don’t tell
  • Build
    Once a final design is approved, it’s time to start building. 
    • Purchase a domain
    • Choose website building tool
    • Set up hosting
    • Install themes and plugins
    • Apply styles and branding
    • Create pages and navigation
    • Lay out content
    • Set up extra features
    • Connect integrations
    • Enable SSL certificate
    • Enlist proofreaders
    • Launch!

Download your “Tips to website creation” sheet here. Enjoy!
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