5 Common Mistakes at the Entrepreneur Competition

Entrepreneur Competition judge is speaking with a semi-finalist

RevRoad is gearing up for our 5th Annual Entrepreneur Competition, sponsored by Central Bank. We want to help you bring your best game this year! To help you avoid a few common mistakes at Entrepreneur Competition that competitors have made over the years, read this list of 5 things not to do. 

5 Things Not to Do at the Entrepreneur Competition

  1. Don’t use jargon or acronyms. Make it easy for others to understand. Remember, they likely don’t know your industry as well as you do. 
  2. Don’t stand behind your trade show table. Do not use your table as a shield. Standing in front of your table will allow you to greet people, shake hands, and appear more approachable. 
  3. Don’t talk about yourself the whole time. Ask judges questions about themselves—stroke their egos a little bit. 
  4. Don’t break the 10/20/30 rule. According to Guy Kawasaki, your presentation should not be more than 10 slides, longer than 20 minutes, and use fonts smaller than 30 point size. Read more here.
  5. Don’t forget to practice. Prepare yourself for unexpected questions. The more you practice and rehearse talking about your business out loud, the more confidently and fluently you will be able to answer questions on the spot.

We are ready to see your A-game at the Entrepreneur Competition this September.  We hope these tips will help you avoid common mistakes at Entrepreneur Competition—and feel confident and prepared to wow the judges and the crowd! Maybe your business can take home the $10,000 Central Bank Grand Prize!

To learn more about the Entrepreneur Competition visit ecomp.revroad.com

Entrepreneur Competition semi-finalist Givv is speaking with a crowd member while smiling and laughing
Competitors mingling at the Entrepreneur Competition in 2019.

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