10 Tips to Set Up a Successful Booth at the Entrepreneur Competition

Entrepreneur Competition semi-finalist showing off their successful booth set up for modern knee braces

With RevRoad’s 5th annual Entrepreneur Competition, sponsored by Central Bank, quickly approaching, we want to share with you our top 10 tips to set up a successful booth so you can wow the judges and the crowd. 

10 Tips to Set Up a Successful Booth at the Entrepreneur Competition

  1. Set up prior to the event. Give yourself plenty of time to set up. You want to be on your A-game, ready to go as the judges start coming by your booth—if you are not prepared, you may miss your shot to really impress them. 
  2. Train your team. Whether your team is just you or five people, make sure everyone has that elevator pitch memorized! Bring a list of your company’s FAQs with appropriate answers. Practice, practice, practice! This will ensure consistency and competency. There is no bigger turn-off than a representative saying, “I don’t know, let me ask the CEO.”
  3. Feature strong visuals. Many people make the mistake of offering unoriginal visuals such as their website and a trinket. This will not help you stand out. Think bigger and bolder! Consider bringing a backdrop, prototypes, visual aids, AutoCAD drawings, hands-on demos, etc. Think of something that is eye-catching, fun, and unique that will draw judges and attendees to your booth.
  4. Clearly identify the problem that you solve. Be concise when describing the problem that you solve and how you solve it. Make it simple for the judges to understand.
  5. Highlight your Unique Value Propositions. What makes you different and better than your competition? Don’t be afraid to show-off what makes you unique and defensible! 
  6. Build credibility. Highlight your traction and growth. If you are still in the idea phase of your business, highlight the market validation that you’ve done along with any feedback from your mentors and business leaders. 
  7. Provide handouts and business cards. Give judges and attendees something to remember you by and something to read for more information. The judges will not care about swag. For this event, a business card and an informational flyer will be perfect! 
  8. Come prepared with your tech set-up. If you plan to use a laptop or iPad to share your pitch deck and other visuals, make sure they are fully charged. Bring any additional cords and chargers that you will need. Keep in mind, there is no guarantee that your table will be near an outlet. 
  9. Greet judges formally and professionally. Do your homework before the event to know the judges, their interests, their preferences, and their backgrounds. More importantly, if a certain judge that you want to talk with has not come by your both, be proactive and go seek them out.  
  10. Be happy and approachable. Your smile will help you exude confidence. Speak positively and look presentable. The judges will not only remember what they learned but also how they felt when speaking with you.

We hope these tips will help you prepare for an amazing experience at our Entrepreneur Competition! Maybe your business can take home the $10,000 Central Bank Grand Prize!

To learn more about the Entrepreneur Competition visit comp.revroad.com

Givley's successful booth set up Entrepreneur competition from 2021
Gively’s successful booth set up at Entrepreneur Competition 2021

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