5 Qualities Every Entrepreneur Should Exemplify

Humor: Quality #5 that successful entrepreneurs have embodied

Every quarter, RevRoad brings on 2–3 new portfolio companies. When looking through applications, there are a few qualities we look for in each entrepreneur. We call them the 5 H’s.

  1. Hands
    Otherwise known as a great work ethic, “Hands” is the first quality we look for in entrepreneurs interested in RevRoad. There is no easy path in entrepreneurship. Successful business owners can testify that it takes immense amounts of grit, time, and innovative thinking to get a business off the ground. 
  2. Heart
    Passion—the root of entrepreneurship. There is not a single entrepreneur who chooses this lifestyle for fun. Entrepreneurship is driven by passion for what you do. Without passion, it’s easy to give in to burnout. That’s why RevRoad looks for real passion before bringing on new portfolio companies.
  3. Head
    Get creative. Entrepreneurs are constantly facing market changes, company pivots, and growth challenges. Smart problem solvers have the ability to recognize, assess, and strategize when challenges arise.
  4. Humility
    RevRoad looks for entrepreneurs who are teachable and coachable. Being open to new ideas and ways of thinking allows for individuals to adopt innovative and groundbreaking ways of doing business, while narrow mindedness often stifles team culture and company growth.

  5. Humor
    Starting, growing, and successfully running a business is not light work. There are constant challenges and frustrations that come with waves of mistakes and pivots. A lighthearted approach coupled with laughter helps reduce stress and tension within teams and leads to smoother resolutions to the challenges ahead. 

Entrepreneurs who demonstrate hands, heart, head, humility, and humor have a much higher chance not only of working with RevRoad, but of achieving success in general. These qualities set fantastic entrepreneurs apart from average business owners.

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