How to Build Effective and Collaborative Teams

Building effective and collaborative teams is crucial to the success of an organization. In any business, a successful team begins with successful leadership.

Bruce Hassler, CTO at RevRoad, shares his insight on how to ensure that you have the best team for your business. 

First, Hassler recommends hiring top-performing dedicated team members. This increases productivity and ensures that you are utilizing your time and resources strategically. 

Second, is to be involved with and care about what each team member is working on. This gives the employee a sense of confirmation and appreciation. 

Third, is to trust each member to make decisions. Avoid micromanaging employees. Instill trust and give them opportunities to learn and grow. 

Fourth, is to listen to the team and don’t be afraid to try new things. Leaders often think they have to do it all themselves, but there is beauty in collaborating with team members and trying to understand their point of view.

Everyone brings a unique prospective and it’s in collaborating together that the best representation of what our customers and clients need is delivered. 

Jason Caldwell, COO at RevRoad, emphasized the importance of validation. As leaders who are trying to build high functioning collaborative teams, validating our team’s achievements is crucial. Examples of common validations include:

  • Validating ideas
  • Validating initiative
  • Validating circumstances
  • Validating feelings

Allowing teams to feel validated helps them build confidence in and respect for their leaders. 

AJ Rounds, CMO at RevRoad suggests, “Ways to develop an effective leadership team very much align with the RevRoad ‘H’ philosophy which includes:

  • Hands – Individuals who aren’t afraid to roll up the sleeves and get stuff done.
  • Heart – Individuals who have passion and conviction for the vision.
  • Head – Individuals who are smart.
  • Humility – Individuals who are willing to take responsibility for actions and feedback. 
  • Humor –  Individuals who are fun to work with. 

Building a collaborative team can be challenging but there are great strategies to facilitate the process. Hiring top performing individuals, staying involved, instilling trust, validating, and implementing the 5 H’s is a good place to start.

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