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Weekly on Wednesday, A.J. Rounds and Jake McHargue interview leading entrepreneurs, investors and innovators on what it’s like to be a founder from the early ideas in the morning to the constant nightly push at midnight. This podcast is a place for startups, preseed companies, and companies well past their million-dollar mark to get business tips by proven entrepreneurs. If you want to start, own or build a business then you are in the right place.


A.J. Rounds

A.J. Rounds currently serves as Chief Community Officer of RevRoad. In addition, he is a co-founder and investor. A.J.’s passion is helping other entrepreneurs like himself. This position allows A.J. to do that. A.J. has an 18-year track record in Marketing communications, consumer retail and direct sales channels, global business development, human resources, editorial, business writing, and building effective management teams.

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Jacob McHargue

Jake is the Director of Entrepreneurship for the CB Vault which is the new entrepreneurship division of Central Bank. He is focused on helping startups and entrepreneurs grow their businesses. Jake grew up in an entrepreneurial family and has been enthusiastic about entrepreneurship since a young age. He has spent much of his career building teams and helping organizations grow.

New episodes every Wednesday night at midnight.