5 Free Ways to Support Small Businesses

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It is National Small Business Week, a time to celebrate the contributions of entrepreneurs and small businesses to our economy and society. We are honored to work alongside innovative entrepreneurs who solve customer problems while creating job opportunities that provide income to support families and communities.

So how can we, as individuals, support the growth of these small businesses which are the backbone of our economy?

Here are 5 free and simple ways you can support small businesses:

1. Leave a Google Review: Boost a business’s visibility on the world’s largest search engine and build trust among prospective customers with a quick review.

2. Refer a Friend: Spread the word to your neighbors, family, and friends about the small businesses you admire. It’s a cost-free way to amplify their reach and bring in new customers.

3. Engage on Social Media: Follow their social media accounts and interact with their posts. A few likes and comments go a long way in increasing awareness and expanding their audience to reach potential customers.

4. Share on Social Media: Hop on LinkedIn or Instagram to shout out your favorite small businesses in a post. Share what you love about them and encourage others to support them too.

5. Offer Mentorship: If you have valuable expertise, consider offering a few hours of mentorship to a small business founder. Your insights could help them navigate a challenge they are currently facing. If you’re not the right fit, connect them with someone who is.

Remember, small businesses come in all shapes and sizes. They’re not just a local corner store; they encompass everything from e-commerce brands to software startups and family-run shops.

See what you can do to help entrepreneurs and small businesses succeed!

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