RevRoad Entrepreneur Competition Spring 2024 Winners Announced

RevRoad Spring 2024 entrepreneur competition

Securing funding is the lifeblood of startup ventures, propelling companies forward from mere concepts to tangible realities. Beyond the glitz and glamour of winning a giant check, this pitch competition offers invaluable exposure and access to vital startup resources by making connections with fellow founders, mentors, and successful business leaders.

The Spring 2024 competition broke the standing record of applicants, bringing in over 250 startups nationwide. From this pool, the top 36 companies were invited to attend the in-person pitch competition on March 2, 2024 at the Experience Event Center in Provo, Utah for a chance to win awards totaling over $30,000 of value.

Without further ado, we are honored to introduce the winners of the Spring 2024 semi-annual Entrepreneur Competition, sponsored by Squire

$15,000 Squire Grand Prize winner – Success Fund

Mark Walker (SuccessFund), Jesse Myrick (SuccessFund), Joe Hillstead (Squire and Company, PC), Jonyce Bullock (Squire and Company, PC), Derrin Hill (RevRoad)

School districts use SuccessFund to prevent mishandling of funds (fraud) in schools. SuccessFund’s fundraiser approval management tools give districts oversight and unprecedented visibility into every initiative that solicits money from the community. School faculty use SuccessFund as a payment solution that manages fundraisers, events, school stores, and more. SuccessFund is expanding quickly and currently operates in nearly every district in Utah, with additional districts in Texas, Georgia, Oklahoma, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Nevada, and others.

$5,000 Runner up – Proactive Health

Alec Gustafson (Proactive Health), Derrin Hill (RevRoad)

Proactive Health keep seniors from going back to the hospital by monitoring their biometric data as they sleep, identifying their unique baseline, and leveraging multidimensional scaling analytics to identify concerning deviations. When concerns arise, the company reaches out to the senior, sees how they’re feeling, and coordinates with their care providers when necessary.

$2,500 3rd place – HoneyGrid

James Delorey (HoneyGrid), Derrin Hill (RevRoad)

HoneyGrid provides data-driven location targeting for local advertisers to boost ad performance, resulting in lower cost and better results.

$1,000 Fan Favorite – Interval

Brandon Davis (Interval), Connor Ashton (Interval), Derrin Hill (RevRoad)

Interval is a virtual AI receptionist for the automotive industry. Its AI receives all inbound calls to answer customer questions, schedule test drives or oil changes, track valuable insights, automatically send reminders, and connect directly to business CRM / DMS. Interval handles all things front office for auto dealerships or repair shops. The company mission mission is to help automotive businesses drive customer experience while still increasing sales.

WTCUtah Trailblazer Award (Value) – Whelm

Chipper Whatcott (Whelm), Ben Ruckman (Whelm), Matt Wunderli (WTC Utah), CEO Derrin Hill (RevRoad)

Whelm is an all-in-one business administration platform, built specifically for freelancers. Invoicing, digital payments, legal contract templates, eSignatures, project management, asynchronous client feedback, and more. All in one simple app. With Whelm, freelancers no longer need 5 different apps and subscriptions to run their freelance business.

Kiln Membership Award (Value) – Levo Therapy

Amber Linebaugh (Kiln), Thomas Lund (Levo Therapy) , Keanna Nabrotzky (Levo Therapy), Derrin Hill (RevRoad)

The Levo App provides personalized tools to amplify the benefits of each therapy session. Designed to complement your therapist’s guidance, it offers a suite of intuitive features like mood tracking, journaling, and custom reminders. This ensures that the insights and progress made during therapy are integrated into your daily life, fostering continuous growth and self-awareness.

Thread Consumer Product Award (Cash) – Breath of Life

James Drake (Breath of Life), McKenzie Bauer (Thread), Derrin Hill (RevRoad)

Breath of Life is an industry disruptor designed to actually solve the trauma of a terrifying choking incident. We are determined to see this brilliant choking rescue device save lives and give peace of mind to establishments all around the world.

Soul Seed Academy Growth Training or Services Award (Value)- Best Foot Forward Consulting

Sarah Asay (Soul Seed Academy), Reneé Rodriguez (Best Foot Forward Consulting), Derrin Hill (RevRoad)

Best Foot Forward Consulting helps protective parents who are in a custody dispute with an abusive co-parent to get the custody arrangement that is safe and best for their children.

We congratulate the incredible entrepreneurs who made it to the semifinals and especially those who won. This event is only made possible through the contributions of our fantastic judges, sponsors Central Bank of Utah, Squire & Company, PC and RevRoad Capital, and all the competitors, team members, and community who support entrepreneurship.

For information about future RevRoad Entrepreneur Competitions, please visit

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