Hiring the Right People

Hiring the Right People exemplified by custodian entertaining kids at disney

Understanding Organizational Culture

Disney knows that organizational culture is the guiding force that shapes the behavior, mindset, and overall success of a company. They ensure hiring the right people who first and foremost align with the company culture throughout their hiring process. Disney then puts in the time, effort, and money to train their employees to have the necessary skill set. This may seem backward as most companies hire based off of skill set first rather than if an employee would “fit in.” 

Take Disney’s example and look beyond your applicants’ resume and delve into their personality, work ethics, and beliefs. By hiring individuals who resonate with your culture, you can significantly reduce the chances of conflict and ensure a smoother integration into the team. Strive to foster a positive culture that not only promotes productivity but also nurtures employee well-being and engagement. This will serve as a compass that guides every aspect of the organization, from decision-making to employee interactions.

To build your optimal company culture, you need to set up the correct structure within your company. This includes setting a company mission statement and vision, in addition to detailed values you want to see in your employees. Creating this type of foundation will help you come up with effective interview questions while hiring and a detailed training process to build successful and efficient employees.

Mission Statement and Vision

Where do you see your company in the future? What do you want to build your company to be? These are crucial questions when creating your mission statement and vision. Your vision should be goal oriented (future) while your mission statement should be what you are doing now to get there. For example, Disney’s mission statement is, “to entertain, inform and inspire people around the globe through the power of unparalleled storytelling, reflecting the iconic brands, creative minds and innovative technologies that make ours the world’s premier entertainment company.” Whereas Disney’s vision statement is, “to be one of the world’s leading producers and providers of entertainment and information.” When your employees share the same mission and vision, they are more likely to work collaboratively and stay motivated, as they understand the impact of their efforts on the overall success of the organization.

Detailed Core Values

In addition to a well-defined mission statement and vision, having detailed core values is essential. Core values are the guiding principles that dictate the behavior and decision-making of your employees. When you hire individuals who already embody these values, you set the stage for a cohesive and aligned workforce. These shared values will also serve as a foundation for building a strong sense of unity and camaraderie among team members. Some of the values Disney works hard to incorporate are innovation, decency, quality, community, and storytelling.

Training to the Expectation

Disney’s approach of hiring to culture and training to the skill set is a prime example of how effective culture-based companies can be. While skills can be taught, attitudes and behaviors are ingrained deeply in an individual. Once you have the right people on board, it’s crucial to provide them with thorough training that reinforces your company’s expectations. This training should not only focus on technical skills but also on how to embody the company’s values in their day-to-day activities.

Effective training should entail clear expectations and tools. You employees need to know what is expected of them on day one in order to know how to bring success to your business. During the training, make sure to create an emotional connection to the culture of organization. This can be accomplished through exemplary trainers who will also provide an example of what an accomplished employee looks like. 

Effective Coaching Style

Make sure your trainers have an effective coaching style when building a culture-centric team. Leaders should adopt a coaching approach that empowers employees to embrace the company’s values and make decisions that align with the organizational vision. Encourage open communication, provide constructive feedback, and recognize and celebrate those who exemplify the desired culture. This supportive environment will foster a sense of ownership and commitment among your employees.

The Magic of a Culture-Centric Team

When company culture is deeply ingrained in the hearts and minds of your employees, something magical happens. Employees become more than just workers; they become ambassadors of your organization’s values. They are better equipped to handle challenges and make decisions in alignment with the company’s vision, even in unexpected situations. When employees are aligned with the company’s culture, they have the power to improvise and drive the organization towards its vision, resulting in a thriving and magical work environment.

Hiring the right people who match your company culture is an integral part of building a cohesive and successful team. This is especially important during the early stages of a startup, when your team only consists of a handful of people who will carry on the culture as more and more employees are hired. A clear organizational vision, detailed core values, and intentional hiring practices contribute to creating a culture-centric workforce. By training employees to embody the company’s expectations and adopting an effective coaching style, you can nurture a team that not only embraces the organizational culture but also contributes to its growth and success. When employees are aligned with the company’s culture, they have the power to improvise and drive the organization towards its vision, resulting in a thriving and magical work environment.

Onboarding The Right People with Mark Morrell – YouTube 

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