6 Steps to Winning the Fan Favorite Prize at the RevRoad Entrepreneur Competition

In 2020,  Comma Copywriters received the most fan favorite votes in Ecomp history. Once selected as one of 36 finalists, the Comma team set their sights on winning the Fan Favorite. Luckily, for all future contestants, they are willing to share the details of the strategy that lead to their success. Here’s how they did it!

6 Steps to Winning the Fan Favorite Prize

  1. Take the 1:1 approach. Crystalee Beck, founder of Comma Copywriters, understood that people respond best to personal communication. So, she started texting all 1,000+ contacts in her phone.
  2. Go for a 1:many strategy. Next, Crystalee emailed 100 of her friends of influence. Over the years she had spent focused time building her network of influencers, so she started reaching out to entrepreneurs and businesses she trusted and asked them to help! Specifically, she asked them to share with their communities and provided them with the content and images to do so. 
  3. Get help. It’s against the rules, and unethical, to purchase votes, so Crystalee decided to buy hours of support. She hired a Social Media Outreach specialist for the week to reach out to her following on instagram. 
  4. Ask, ask, ask like a broken record. Crystalee asked everyone she talked to during the voting period to vote—and we mean everyone. Whether she was on a hike, renting an Airbnb, or attending parent-teacher conferences, she asked everyone she spoke with to vote. 
  5. Make it a team effort. She made specific requests for her team members, such as, “Will you text 10 family members or friends by the end of the week?” This not only helped increase the votes for Comma Copywriters, but it also was a great way to get her team more involved and invested. 
  6. Keep focus on what you want. Though Crystalee couldn’t see how many votes they’d acquired during the process, she continued to tell herself everyday, “We will win the fan favorite!” She eliminated all doubt, and stayed focused on the target. 

It was a combination of passion, determination, and hard work that led Crystalee and the Comma Copywriters team to leave the RevRoad Entrepreneur Competition an award-winning company. 

To read more about how Comma Copywriters won the Fan Favorite prize, click here

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