5 Tech Tools and Tips That Can Help Soloprenuers Succeed with Less Stress

Written by: Courtney Rosenfeld

Being a solopreneur means you’re solely responsible for every element and task involved with owning a new business. That can be a lot for new business owners to take on, especially on their own. So instead of overwhelming yourself with all of those to-dos and startup projects, why not look for tech tools and freelance help instead? Not sure where to look for the best startup tech help? Checking the following items off of your list can give your new small business the boost it needs to succeed.

An Online Voice Recording Program

As you gear up to start your own business, you’re going to be busier than ever before. You’re also going to need to take a lot of notes and contact information, which is why using an online voice recorder service makes so much sense for solopreneurs. With this service, you have your very own “assistant” that can record audio from meetings, emails, and notes into MP3 files.

A Reliable and Powerful Smartphone

You’re likely going to need to take all of those business notes on the go, so you will also want to invest in a smartphone and reliable service provider. Choosing a good provider will give you access to high network speeds, as well as provide the coverage you need to handle all your business tasks efficiently. Having a smartphone in your pocket will allow you to quickly respond to calls and messages from new clients and will give you access to amazing apps to help fuel your success. 

A Few Small Business Tech Tools 

Free apps and email tools can provide a boost to just about any solopreneur. If you want your new business to thrive, though, you should also look for free services and software that can provide your startup with an edge over competitors. Google has several web tools to help small business owners, including Google slides for presentations and Google Analytics for marketing strategies. To make the most of these free tools, however, you will also need a website. Creating a website for your startup will give potential customers access to information 24/7, plus you can use your new website to help promote and market yourself as a legitimate business. 

A Portable and Powerful Laptop 

Having a smartphone can give your small business power on the go, but it’s also wise to allot some of your startup funding to a new laptop. Some of the best laptops available right now are built with small business owners and solopreneurs in mind. These powerful laptops, whether they are simple lightweight ones or feature 2-in-1 capabilities, will allow you to work on your startup projects from just about anywhere. Since this is a larger investment, be sure to read through reviews and compare features, so that you can find the best new laptop for your small business. 

Dependable Freelancers and Consultants 

Last but certainly not least, if you really want to help your new startup succeed, and you also want to do so without hiring additional employees, think about hiring freelancers. When you work with freelancers, you gain access to valuable tech experience that can provide a major boost for your small business. You can also keep your small business costs low, since hiring freelancers is always cheaper than hiring full-time employees. Freelancers, consultants, and other temporary help can be powerful assets for your new business, so consider these professionals for tasks you don’t have the time or expertise to take on yourself. Examples of freelance help include completing your taxes or managing any other technical aspect of your new startup. 

Just because you are a solopreneur doesn’t mean you need to tackle every single startup project on your own! Get the tech help and tools you need to make all of those smaller business tasks easier so that you will have more time to focus on helping your new startup succeed. 

Photo Credit: Rawpixel

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