A New Year Message From Derrin Hill, CEO at RevRoad

Happy New Year!

I hope your holidays were special and filled with the blessings of love, family, and service. 2020 was a year to remember for many reasons. The effects of the pandemic, the drastic economic downturn, and surreal political environment usually top the list of things people think about in reference to 2020. 

Hopefully, we can all remember 2020 for the good things too. The world paused and reevaluated priorities. Most people put their family into a better ranking of most important things. We all gained increased appreciation for the kindness of those who serve the ill and vulnerable, and for those who go to work each day so others can work from home. We’ve become more authentic with each other as online meetings have revealed we all live real lives with kids making noises, dishes on the counter, and other things people used to think of as “unprofessional.” I welcome this new openness to seeing things as they really are. 

Our RevRoad team, community, portfolio companies, investors, advisors, partners, and sponsors have brought so much joy as we have worked together to help each other and our mutual companies grow. We welcomed incredible people in each of these groups and continue to treasure and value those who were already a part of RevRoad. Thanks to each of you for your great work, service, and care for our mission. I am so grateful to each one of you. 

Lots of blessing to you and your family!

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