Experience Selling: the Evolution of B2B Sales

B2B demands are changing persistently. Sales experts should expect a shift from product/solution focus to value-laden experience. Examples of this shift are as follows: 

  • 75% of buyers seek input from peers and spend more time researching.
  • End users’ adoption needs to be fast.
  • Decisions makers are inundated with data and there are many stakeholders.

Because of these changes, B2B sales strategies must adapt in order to maintain and improve success. 

5 steps to operate differently

1. Reimagine

Target the right customer, understand their unique buying processes, and then design personalized experiences that make those efforts easier to navigate

2. Deliver

Winning sales organizations are no longer following the selling process of qualified lead to order, but are now utilizing the end-to-end cycle using the ILAER framework: Identify, Land, Adopt, Expand, and Renew.

3. Emphasize

Market leaders had significantly more sales enablement tools because they were selecting or building the optimal tool for each capability and digitizing more sales processes. Bring marketing, sales, and service more closely together.

4. Double Down

Customers are more informed than ever before and expect sales reps to understand them and to personalize offerings. Sales experts now need to understand customer behavior better and improve segmentation, targeting, and customer engagement.

5. Modernize

Leaders need to be more strategic, end-to-end, agile, and value driving.

Watch the full Evolution Of B2B Sales workshop by RevRoad Chief Sales Officer, Ryan Bacher, here.

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