Mine Your Mentors

Mentorship can be a huge asset for entrepreneurs. Let’s talk about how to maximize mentorship relationships by learning to “Mine Your Mentors” for wisdom, support, and network.


One of the best things you can mine from a great mentor is wisdom. Think about people in your life who have served as mentors. What are some nuggets of wisdom that have inspired your personal success or dramatically altered your business?

Words from our mentors:
“Get the right people on the bus. When you’re building your team, you have to find the right people that have the right skills and talents. Then, you need to place them in the right positions for optimal success.”


Businesses need support. What are some ways in which a mentor can support you? Look for someone who has done what you are looking to do, and shoot for the stars.
A lot of times when building a business, there will be challenges you’ll have to overcome. A mentor can make a great sounding board to bounce ideas off of as you work to move your company forward. 

Words from our mentors: 
“Be intentional and proactive about mining your mentor for wisdom and support. Schedule a regular meeting day and time that works for both of you, and meet regularly. By doing this, the wisdom and support you ‘mine’ will be much greater.”


A great mentor will give you access to their network. How can you best leverage a mentor’s network?  If you are working with a mentor that is an expert in your specific industry, chances are they already have experience building in your industry. Mine their network for potential customers, A-players that would make great hires, and investors.

Words from our mentors:
“The people who are able to mine the most from their mentorship relationship are grateful. Make it easy for your mentor to help you by taking the work off of the table. Come prepared to each mentorship meeting with questions, strategy ideas, and goals. When you finish each ‘mining’ session, be quick to express gratitude verbally, by buying them lunch, or through a thank you note.”

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