RevRoad Rally Brings the Community Together During Divided Times

During these times of social distancing, RevRoad and Orem City partnered to host an event to safely bring the community together. The RevRoad Rally took place on August 12th as part of the Orem Summerfest celebration. The event featured an impressive display of over 100 exotic cars, free dinner, and giveaways.

“RevRoad approached us about being a partner so that we could help push out information about the event and about the causes that are important to RevRoad. People are looking for an opportunity to still get out, get fresh air, connect with family and friends, but to do it in a safe way. RevRoad’s contribution of volunteers has allowed us to do this” (Steven Downs, Orem Deputy City Manager).

While masks were encouraged and appropriate social guidelines were followed, many high-risk community groups were unable to attend. Keeping them in mind, RevRoad streamed the event live—giving a full tour of all the cars on display—so those select groups could also enjoy the rally. 

“We wanted to make this a giveback opportunity, so we’ve worked with organizations up and down the valley that have specific areas of interest and big hearts where they service the special needs community. We bring them in as our honorary guests for the event and provide them with special badges and swag bags to create a memorable experience and honor the special addition they are in our community” (Amy Caldwell, Chief Business Development Officer at RevRoad).

Honorary guests with UVU cheer and Utah’s royalty.

A representative at Tophams Tots, an intermediate care facility for individuals with intellectual disabilities, expressed her gratitude, “Thank you so much. Nobody has ever done anything like this for these kids! You don’t understand how much this will mean to them.”

The RevRoad Rally is an annual event designed to provide an event open to all community members. One couple in attendance shared, “We were so excited to see this event was happening. It’s been so nice to finally get out of the house and enjoy the fresh air, some free food, and see the community coming together again.” 

Paighton Moffitt, Project Manager at RevRoad, helping serve dinner at the RevRoad Rally

Dates for the 2021 RevRoad Rally will be announced early next year. 

Watch the RevRoad Rally highlight video here.

Learn more about RevRoad here.

RevRoad thanks the event sponsors including: City of Orem, Costco, Cook Center for Human Connection, Topham’s Care Center, Medallion Group, Cedar Fort Publishing, JC Hackett,  BYU, and UVU, Apple Spice Junction, Service Line Warranties of America, Chick-fil-A Orem Plaza, and Neighbor.

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