Venture Services: the new option for business owners

Starting a business is hard. Be skeptical of anyone that tells you differently. 

When growing a business, you as an entrepreneur have several options to scale your company. You can bootstrap the company, find funding, or use an incubator/accelerator option. 

Bootstrapping is a great way to build your company but requires a large savings account or immediate company profits to self fund. 

Sourcing funding from a VC firm, family investment firm, angel investors, friends and family, or hard money lenders is an option to scale your company quickly. However, on occasion, depending on the terms, sourcing money can result in dramatic reductions of ownership equity for you as the founder. You may also find yourself working with investors that require significant efforts to keep happy. 

As a third option, accelerators are also a great avenue. Service offerings may vary and entrance requirements can be hard to meet, but it’s something to consider. 

Ultimately, what options do you have if you don’t have a lot of resources, need to hire expert team members, and want to grow quickly? What if there were a fourth option to grow your company?

Now there is. It’s called the RevRoad Venture Services™ model. 

Did you know, 9 in 10 new innovations fail in the marketplace? RevRoad is out to solve the high rate of failure in scaling companies. 

Similar to the venture capital model, RevRoad partners with you as a minority equity partner; however, the currency exchanged is services, not capital. For entrepreneurs, equity is often more plentiful than currency. Instead of  raising capital or hoping revenues will soon fund company growth, fast-track the process and let RevRoad help raise friendly capital (if needed). 

Utilize the services your business needs from one provider: RevRoad. It’s a new model designed with the cash-sensitive entrepreneur in mind. 

How it Works

RevRoad accepts 3–4 companies per quarter; if chosen you work side-by-side with us for 24 months.  RevRoad is short for roads to revenue. Besides offering crucial services like coding, sales, marketing, legal, and video (among others—12 service areas in total), RevRoad offers other valuable resources. Part of the venture services model includes things like a mentor, networking opportunities, and sweet office space. The best part of the model is we don’t win unless you win, which creates perfect alignment.

The benefits of a Venture Services model are many. You keep control of your company and get the services you need to grow in a quick, sustainable way. 

It’s a unique blend of accelerator, agency, and venture capital.

Venture services are at the heart of three intersections of the diagram shown below. These services are provided under one roof to allow for coordination between service departments. 

At the core, RevRoad provides venture services to companies that would otherwise have to spend cash (and sometimes raise capital) to get at agencies and accelerators on a limited basis. 

The other benefit of the venture services model is industry flexibility—whether you are working with SaaS or physical products, you can take advantage of RevRoad benefits for your company. RevRoad works with your businesses at any level of growth to help scale your efforts. 

Accelerators and venture capital groups can be great options, but there should be another option to grow your business. Now there is. Check out to see if your business is Rev ready.    

How To Apply

There are a few requirements RevRoad looks for in your business including: multiple streams of revenue, recurring revenue, a great team, traction in the marketplace, and a good problem/solution fit.

The RevRoad ecosystem is where innovation-driven businesses come to grow, scale, and multiply profits. As a portfolio company candidate, you can select all of the services RevRoad offers or just a few based on your particular needs at that time. 

Click here to start your application. 

Watch this Video to learn more about RevRoad.

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