Keepin’ it Clean—Why We Gave Every Employee a PhoneSoap

Well the virus is out and, apparently, so is most of the toilet paper. All jokes aside, COVID-19 has already caused different levels of panic worldwide, and it seems things are just ramping up. Though there are many different opinions as to how dangerous this outbreak really is, hopefully it’s agreed that in this case, “safe is better than sorry”. 

There are plenty of recommendations about how to stay safe and healthy floating around the web. We agree, washing our hands, applying sanitizer, covering our mouths when coughing and sneezing, and other basic hygiene and health practices should be carried out. However, what precautions are we taking when it comes to one of the dirtiest, most touched items in almost every household? The cell phone. 

Every day, our cellular devices are in our hands. The problem is, we touch so many dirty things (handrails, counters, door knobs, etc) and then pass those germs back to our phones. In addition, phones are also often set on tables at public restaurants and used in bathrooms. Although it’s fairly simple to keep our hands clean, keeping our phones clean is a different story. Because of this, the average smartphone is 18x filthier than a public restroom

Knowing RevRoad employees use their phones for business purposes in addition to their personal use, we reached out to our portfolio company, PhoneSoap. PhoneSoap specializes in the decontamination of frequently used items. The UV-C light used in their product effectively breaks apart the DNA of bacteria, killing 99.99% of household germs as a result. 

*Does PhoneSoap kill CoronaVirus? Only the CDC and those working to contain COVID-19 have access to this novel strain of coronavirus to test, so PhoneSoap has not tested and therefore, cannot claim that their products kill COVID-19. That being said, it is known that coronavirus is an enveloped virus, similar to Influenza A (H1N1) which has been tested and acknowledged that PhoneSoap kills at a 99.99% reduction rate. 

At the beginning of this week, we provided each of our employees with a PhoneSoap as a reminder to keep up on basic hygiene and take extra health precautions during this time. 

See photos below of some creative ways our employees are “keepin’ it clean”!

Learn more about PhoneSoap here
Learn more about RevRoad here

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