Intro to Mentorship

Mentorship is often defined as the relationship between an industry experienced professional and a less experienced professional. Many people use a mentor to help navigate through industry’s niches and connect with those in a position of success. 

The practice of mentorship has proven to be successful time and time again.  Below are some tips to help ensure a successful mentorship experience

  • Choose your mentor carefully
  • Be proactive in scheduling meetings
  • Be clear on the end goal
  • Put forth effort
  • Be respectful of the mentor and their time
  • Ask questions
  • Be resourceful
  • Be engaged

By following the above suggestions, your mentoring experience will improve significantly. Success is a collaborative effort. 

Mentors are more than willing to help, but you need to put forth the right effort to make the mentorship effective. The result of a successful mentorship varies based upon one’s level of engagement and ability to clearly communicate the desired outcome.  Be sure to show up to your mentor meetings on time and with 5-6 thoughtful questions written down.

Don’t be afraid to approach potential mentors and ask for their help. They are there to help you succeed. Do your research on potential mentor candidates prior to approaching them to determine compatibility. 

Be proactive and engaged throughout the process and you will be sure to have a positive mentorship experience. 

Below you’ll find two resources with more information about what to look for in a great mentor and where to find them. 

Finding and Becoming a Great Mentor Workshop by Dave Myers (RevRoad Talent and Sales Chief Officer). View here

Download A Quick Guide to Mentorship.

For more information or email

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