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RevRoad's Philosophy

Our Core Values

RevRoad works with your business at any level of growth or industry to help you scale your efforts. Grow, scale, and multiply your profits all under one roof.


Courage and resolve. Strength of character. We make it happen no matter the obstacle. This defines those that are willing to put their hands in the dirt to accomplish their goals.


Increase in economic value or activity. We are focused on growing ourselves, portfolio companies and investors, partners, and sponsor opportunities in every facet.


The quality of being thankful. We show thanks in all we do and invite others to do the same. Every day we are grateful for the insights and energy our portfolio companies bring to RevRoad.

5 Qualities Every Entrepreneur Should Exemplify

Every quarter, RevRoad brings on 2–3 new portfolio companies. When looking through applications, there are a few qualities we look for in each entrepreneur. We call them the 5 H’s.


Passion—the root of entrepreneurship. It’s rare for an  entrepreneur to  choose this lifestyle for fun. Entrepreneurship is driven by passion for what you do. Without passion, it’s easy to give in to burnout. That’s why RevRoad looks for real passion before bringing on new portfolio companies.


Otherwise known as a great work ethic, “Hands” is the first quality we look for in entrepreneurs interested in RevRoad. There is no easy path in entrepreneurship. Successful business owners can testify that it takes immense amounts of grit, time, work, and innovative thinking to get a business off the ground.


Get creative. Entrepreneurs are constantly facing market changes, company pivots, and growth challenges. Thinking outside the box is imperative. Smart problem solvers have the ability to recognize, assess, and strategize when challenges arise.


Starting, growing, and successfully running a business is not light work. There are constant challenges and frustrations that come with waves of mistakes and pivots. A lighthearted approach coupled with laughter helps reduce stress and tension within teams and leads to smoother resolutions to the challenges ahead.


RevRoad looks for entrepreneurs who are teachable and coachable. Being open to new ideas and ways of thinking allows for individuals to adopt innovative and groundbreaking ways of doing business, while narrow mindedness often stifles team culture and company growth.

Qualities We Look For

When evaluating potential portfolio companies, we look for the 5 T’s of investment parameters. These parameters help guide our investment strategy and gauge the viability of each company.


The best teams are intentionally structured to include individuals with deep industry experience and various talents. Every company is only as good as its people.  At RevRoad, we strive for excellence and we expect that same efforts  from others. Before deciding to invest RevRoad resources, we take a close look at the team supporting each potential portfolio company.


RevRoad’s main mission is helping entrepreneurs stay in control of their businesses. This is why we work closely with each business owner to verify they have the best terms related to vendor agreements, debt, contracts, and investor involvement.


The technology or core product and service of every business should have some level of uniqueness and has taken steps through trademarks or patents to  protect intellectual property. The goal is to  limit the ability for competitor knockoffs.


Essentially, traction is momentum and progress. Traction can be measured  through revenues, audience growth, or customer adaptation. As investors, we look for significant signs of traction in potential portfolio companies.

Ten X

Growth. The ultimate goal at RevRoad is to help entrepreneurs grow businesses and provide jobs for communities all over. In order to achieve this, each potential portfolio company needs to have a workable product or service and show significant growth with sustainable plans for scalability.