Holiday Gift Guide 2023 – Supporting Entrepreneurs on Small Business Saturday

This Small Business Saturday, join us in supporting rising entrepreneurs while finding the perfect presents for those who matter most. From tech gadgets and educational courses, to delectable meals and stylish clothing, the 2023 RevRoad holiday gift guide features an array of select consumer products from our portfolio companies. This guide spans a diverse range of options to accommodate preferences of each family member.

Happy holiday shopping!

For the EV enthusiast

EVject breakaway adapter

EVject: $199 breakaway charging adapter

EVject is the ultimate gift to keep the EV drivers in your life safe. Offering a unique charging adapter that ensures a secure breakaway while plugged in, this innovative device is the first of its kind. With its convenient design, EVject not only prioritizes safety but also provides unmatched peace of mind, making it the ideal present for tech-savvy individuals or electric vehicle enthusiasts. See the EVject in action on the company website here

For the master of organization

Salt By Sabrina expandable drawer organizer

Salt by Sabrina: $68 Expandable Drawer Organizer

Give the gift of organization and elegance this holiday season with premium acrylic drawer organizers and dividers. Crafted with precision to seamlessly fit any drawer, these exceptional organizers not only elevate the aesthetic of any space but make for a perfect holiday gift. Founder Sabrina Gardner believes that organization can enable us to conquer whatever life brings our way. Each product is designed to simplify your life, beautify your spaces, and you with confidence. See all the organizational solutions for your home by visiting their website here.

For the healthy home chef

Citrus Pear freezer meal delivery

Citrus Pear: $179 set of 10 freezer meals 

This holiday season, give the gift of  convenience and health with freezer meal kits. Ensure that loved ones can enjoy warmth in every bite of the delicious and nutritious meals effortlessly, making every dinner a stress-free and wholesome experience. Citrus Pear believes that healthy eating should be easy no matter what stage of life you’re in. Their team of registered dietitians provides pre-assembled meals and hosts freezer meal prep classes. Look for gift card options as well by visiting their website here.

For the dragon rider 

dragon federation egg

Dragon Federation: $149-500 dragon egg

Turn this holiday season into an enchanting journey by gifting the wonder of a dragon egg. This egg is waiting to be nurtured and brought to life. With a mystical AR portal on your mobile device, you can monitor your dragon egg’s vital signs, creating a unique and enchanting experience for anyone who loves fantasy and interactive storytelling. To learn more about raising a pet dragon, or seeing other breed options, check out the Dragon Federation website here

For the firearm fanatic

bone dri gun case

Bone Dri: $99 Rust Prevention Shotgun & Rifle Case

Still searching for the perfect gift for the gun fanatic of the family? Help them keep their collection in pristine condition by giving the gift of protection. Bone Dri’s gun cases are designed to remove any and all moisture on or inside the weapon, while also preventing any more from creeping in. Simply place the compromised gun inside the case before bed, then unwrap a perfectly dry weapon the next morning—just like Christmas! Even the deepest, most seeped-in moisture doesn’t stand a chance. Keeping firearms in good condition is not only essential to the gun’s functionality, but it also increases safety for the user. Check out the various cases and styles on their website here.

For the carbonation addict

Bobelo self-carbonating drink mix

Bobelo: $35.99 self-carbonating drinks 32 count box

This gift is for the soda lover, energy chugger, and sports drink enthusiast. Bobelo’s delicious drink mix gives you all the flavor and bubbles you want from a soda, but with better hydration, better nutrition, and none of the guilt. Each Bobelo pouch is sweetened with stevia leaf instead of sugar, and packed full of vitamins and electrolytes—keeping families hydrated and energized all year long. Plus, their small and portable drink packs make for perfect stocking stuffers! View flavors and recipes on their website here

For the outdoor adrenaline junkie

CRUX Academy outdoor courses

CRUX Academy: $612 per month course subscriptions 

This gift is for anyone looking to experience the outdoors with confidence. It’s hard to go wrong when you grant the gift of knowledge. CRUX offers many courses on outdoor activities for the season, such as backcountry skiing and avalanche preparedness, as well as fly fishing, living the van life, climbing, mountain biking, and more. Crux Academy delivers an excellent learning experience from the world’s most accomplished outdoor athletes and thought leaders to empower anybody’s outdoor experience. View courses and get more information at their website here.

For the healthcare hero

ALTA Scrubs: $56 scrub joggers

These scrubs provide comfort and style to the medical worker in your life. ALTA Brand has innovated on the classic look and designed something with performance and comfort in mind, down to the very last stitch. With 4-way comfort flex, antimicrobial Silvadur™ lining, strategic pocket placement, and a modern, trendy design, this scrub uniform is flexible, comfortable, and practical for both men and women. Give a gift they’ll love wearing every day! Shop all ALTA Brand products on their website here.

For the creative visionary

Sentient Academy online art courses

Sentient Academy: art courses and subscriptions starting at $20

Be the spark that ignites creativity in someone you love. With a Sentient membership, anyone can unlock their creative potential by experiencing a master firsthand. Dive into the mindset, techniques, and inspiration behind dozens of award-winning artists as they journey from canvas to masterpiece. While other courses circle around subjects with no real substance, Sentient has cut out the fluff to make better artists faster. Whether that special someone is a doodler, sketcher, painter, or designer, Sentient will help them reach higher and find their fire. Bring the joy with a single course pack or a subscription to their vast catalog of lessons and demos. See their full course list and plans here.

For the traveler 

Elios portable battery pack to charge all electronic devices

Elios: $299 GoPlug 100 SMART Power Bank

Have you ever been navigating through an unknown city when your cellphone dies? Nobody carries around paper maps these days, so how can you be expected to find where you’re going without your travel companion apps? Give the gift of portable power so that the traveler in your life will never be stranded with their battery on 1%. Let the most compact, long-lasting portable battery on the market jump-start their phone, laptop, camera, or other technology, in preparation for the next leg of the adventure! View battery packs, portable solar panels, and carriers on the Elios website here.

For the family cook


PrePear app for recipes and meal planning

Prepear: $9.99 per month meal planning subscription

Putting a healthy dinner on the table every night continues to be one of the biggest stresses for busy parents. Give the gift of stress-free cooking with a subscription to Prepear! The receiver of your gift will enjoy step-by-step cooking with a thoughtfully-designed recipe interface to help them save time, eat healthier, and cook creatively. They get access to unlimited meal plans and grocery lists that take the stress and planning out of meal preparation. It’s the gift that keeps on giving! Learn more at Prepear’s website here.

For the musical maestro

Duet: Monthly Subscription for $20

We all have that one music teacher in our community who has taught our kids the joys of music for years. Now give them something in return this holiday by saving them hours each week on managing their students using Duet! With Duet’s simple and intuitive software, any music teacher can keep track of their students, perfectly plan out their week, and even build their entire season schedule in just a few clicks. No more endless back and forth with parents. Now you have the perfect gift for some of the most dedicated, yet kindest members of your neighborhood. Get the full scoop at Duet’s site here.

For the scrapbook queen

Persnickety Box eco-friendly photo keepsake box

Persnickety Box: $197 (sale price) for the ultimate photo bundle

There’s always at least one person in the family who wants to take photos of everything—every outing, every meal, every road-side flower. It’s time they experience Persnickety Box. Each month, Persnickety will print 30 of their favorite photos, which they deliver in a beautiful, eco-friendly keepsake box. What could be more memorable than a gift that helps preserve cherished memories! Plus, it’s so easy to get started! View all printed products on Persnickety Box’s website here.

For the children who dream

Cedar Fort personalized children's books

Cedar Fort: $29.99 (sale price) personalized children’s book 

Customizable books are just what they sound like: books that are customizable! Have you ever read a children’s book and thought, “This sounds like my child!” Cedar Fort made it possible for parents to bring that dream to life by transporting children into their very own book! A perfect and exciting gift for children to receive on Christmas day, a personalized book is the kind of gift a child would keep for the rest of their life. View all published products on Cedar Fort’s website here

For the super sanitizer 

PhoneSoap UV light sanitizer

PhoneSoap: $39.95 (sale price) UV-C sanitizer for smartphone

Did you know that studies have shown your phone’s surface contains 10 or more times the bacteria as your average toilet seat? Thankfully, PhoneSoap’s UV-C technology will sanitize your phone after you’re done scrolling TikTok from the porcelain throne. Compatible with all smartphones, these sanitizing pods kill 99.9% of germs on hand-held devices. Maybe you’re the biggest germ spreader of the home, or maybe it’s your partner, but no matter who’s been skipping their handwash singalongs, having a PhoneSoap around can help make everyone healthier and safer this holiday season and beyond! Shop all UV-C sanitation products on PhoneSoap’s website here.

And there you have it—many amazing gift options sourced from local entrepreneurs and small businesses. We hope you found an item for your spouse, friends, children, neighbors, and more! We’ve used these items ourselves, and we absolutely love them! By adding unique and memorable gifts like these under the tree this year, you’re not only guaranteed to stand out, but you’ll also be supporting Utah entrepreneurs.

LLC for Business – What You Need to Know

women discussing LLC for Business

In the vast landscape of business structures, Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) stand out as a versatile and popular choice for entrepreneurs. Offering a unique blend of flexibility and protection, LLCs have become the go-to option for many aspiring business owners. Not to mention, they are extremely simple to set up and a very affordable option. 

Many startups opt for the LLC route right from the beginning. The allure of an LLC’s simplicity and ease of setup is undeniable, making it an attractive choice for those ready to get a jumpstart on their business venture. 

We’re no strangers to the vibrant tapestry of startups. While many ventures kickstart their journeys as Limited Liability Companies (LLCs), we often find ourselves guiding them through the complex terrain of potential transitions, helping them make informed choices based on their unique needs and long-term goals.

In this article, we’ll delve into the key considerations surrounding LLCs to help you make an informed decision when setting up your small business, lifestyle business, or high-growth company.

What do I need to know about an LLC business structure?

Let’s break it down simply. First, the name says it all. With an LLC, you (as the owner) have limited personal liability for business debts. This means that nobody can come after your personal assets if your business ever finds itself in deep waters. Within your LLCs, you can be a single member, or have multiple members. 

Next, when setting up your LLC, you have more flexibility than you would with other business structures. LLCs have fewer formalities compared to corporations, giving you the freedom to structure things in a way that you want for your business.

You will need to define the Operating Agreement which states how the business is run, member roles, and financial arrangements. You will also need to identify Management to indicate who the decision makers are: management will either be indicated as member-managed for all members to share in decision-making, or as manager-managed to designate a singular manager to make decisions on behalf of the company. 

When it comes to taxes, LLCs are usually pass-through entities for tax purposes which means that profits and losses pass through to the members’ personal tax returns.

Remember, while LLCs do offer protection, the specifics can vary. It’s always wise to double-check your work with a lawyer. 

Is an LLC the right choice for my business?

When deciding if an LLC is right for your business, you need to consider your entrepreneurial goals. Are you envisioning a modest, family-run enterprise or are you aiming for aggressive growth with institutional investments? Ask yourself the following: 

  • What are my Long-Term Business Goals? 
  • How Important is Personal Asset Protection
  • What is the Role of Investors or Partners? 
  • Do I Envision Complex Ownership and Governance Structures?

Entrepreneurs who are looking to establish a lifestyle business or a cozy family-run enterprise where high growth may not be the primary objective will typically find that an LLC suits their needs. The inherent protections offered by an LLC’s limited liability shield provide peace of mind, ensuring that personal assets remain sheltered even in the face of business uncertainties.

Lifestyle businesses and enterprises with localized ambitions may find the LLC’s protective shield sufficient for their long-term objectives. For these ventures, the flexibility of an LLC – the ability to tailor ownership structures and governance models – remains a powerful tool that aligns seamlessly with its vision.

However, if you already know from the get-go that you will want to raise venture capital or will have complex ownership, you may consider setting up your business as a C-Corp. 

Pivoting Towards Growth: The Path to a C-Corp

Keep in mind that you don’t have to know the answers to all the previous questions from day one. Plans change over time and you can always restructure your business as needed. 

A C-Corporation (C-Corp) emerges as an appealing option for companies preparing to raise institutional funds. The 1202 tax code “allows capital gains from qualified small business stocks to be excluded from federal tax.” This unique advantage can’t be overlooked, especially when the venture plans for substantial growth and the need for external investors.

Crafting a Tailored Path: RevRoad’s Expertise

As startups evolve and scale, the decision-making process can be complex. Navigating the legal documents needed to ensure a structurally sound foundation for your business can be daunting. That’s where sweat-equity firm RevRoad steps in as your trusted advisor and partner.

RevRoad’s role is not only to provide guidance but also to facilitate the strategic decision-making process. Our Legal team has witnessed the unique advantages and disadvantages that both LLCs and C-Corps offer and can help startups understand the nuances, risks, and rewards associated with each.

RevRoad’s seasoned team is here to work shoulder-to-shoulder with you and attain the full value of your startup. Our goal is to empower entrepreneurs with the knowledge, insights, and team needed to make a difference in the world. Let’s start by setting up your organization with the right structure. Contact our investment team to see if your company is a good fit for the RevRoad program.