RevRoad Awarded Top 30 Fastest Growing Companies In Utah Valley

RevRoad fast growth

Provo, Utah, Sept. 21, 2023—RevRoad, a sweat-equity partner for startups, proudly announces its recognition as one of the top 30 Fastest-Growing companies in Utah Valley at the UV50 Awards hosted by Utah Valley BusinessQ. This annual event distinguishes businesses for their exceptional growth and remarkable achievements in the region. RevRoad secured 14th place, showcasing a remarkable 3-year growth rate of 1,019%, as calculated using the Inc. 5000 equation: [(Recent year revenue – 2022) – (base year revenue – 2019) / (base year revenue – 2019)] x 100 = total growth percentage.

Founded in 2017 by a group of visionary entrepreneurs including Derrin Hill, Amy Caldwell, Bruce Hassler, A.J. Rounds, Jason Caldwell, and Bart Skalla, RevRoad has emerged as a force to be reckoned with in the startup ecosystem. With a mission to redefine startup support, the company has been instrumental in ensuring that entrepreneurs receive the full spectrum of resources, far beyond just financial backing.

In just a few short years, RevRoad has built a diverse portfolio of 76 companies, collectively valued at over $1.7 billion. In an industry where the odds are often stacked against entrepreneurs, RevRoad has managed to reverse the narrative, enabling a portfolio success rate of 68%.

A.J. Rounds, co-founder and CMO of RevRoad, expressed his enthusiasm for the company’s growth and mission, stating, “Our overhead goal is to be the number one venture capital/venture services portfolio in the world. We firmly believe that with the right support and resources, any entrepreneur can achieve their dreams.”

Offering advice to aspiring entrepreneurs, Rounds added, “Recognize that success requires a significant investment of time. You have to be willing to make this a priority in your life, professionally and personally, and do what it takes to make it happen.”

RevRoad’s extraordinary growth and unwavering commitment to nurturing entrepreneurial success have solidified its position as a guiding force in Utah Valley’s business community. As the company remains dedicated to empowering startups and facilitating innovation, its primary goal is to help more entrepreneurs build sustainable businesses that address real-world challenges. 

About RevRoad
RevRoad is a sweat-equity partner for scaling companies, dedicated to achieving the full value of startups. The company empowers portfolio companies to maximize profitability, get to market faster, and create a solid foundation for their venture. RevRoad team members work shoulder-to-shoulder with portfolio companies, enabling businesses to scale efficiently while keeping founders in the driver’s seat. Visit to learn more and apply to become the next portfolio company.

Damon Deru Joins Orkid Solutions, Inc. as Chief Product Officer, Spearheading Innovation for Small Business Success

Damon Deru, CPO of Orkid

PROVO, Aug. 30, 2023—Damon Deru, seasoned entrepreneur and business mentor, was recently appointed as Chief Product Officer (CPO) to Orkid Solutions, Inc., an HR services aggregator designed for small businesses. In this strategic role, Damon will play a crucial part in ensuring that Orkid’s suite of services continually meet the evolving needs of small business owners.

Regarding the hire, Justin Atkinson of the Orkid Board of Directors stated, “As we continue to look for ways to serve the small business community, Damon was the perfect fit to ensure that our services will focus on helping small businesses scale their employee and administrative offerings. Having built small businesses himself, Damon understands the unique struggles that small business owners face, and plans to focus his efforts on uniting technology and white glove service in a way that will help small business owners thrive.”

Deru began his career as a trader and Registered Investment Advisor at a prominent wealth management firm based in Salt Lake City, UT. In this role, Deru recognized the prominent need for advanced trading software tailored to the intricate demands of wealth management, which sparked his transition to technology entrepreneurship, founding his first tech venture, TradeWarrior.

Established in 2010, TradeWarrior quickly gained loyalty and recognition from wealth management firms nationwide for its innovative trading software. This remarkable trajectory led to a merger in 2017 with Chicago-based fintech startup, Oranj, that was eventually acquired by global financial technology company SEI. Following this successful venture, Deru’s started AdvisorPeak with a focus on building advisor  technology that anticipates and streamlines an advisor’s trading operations. In 2021, AdvisorPeak was acquired by Addepar, a leading wealthtech firm managing over $4 trillion in assets on its platform.

Deru then stepped into a new role as product advisor and co-founder of ControlQore designing project management and payment software for general contractors. Deru later co-founded and served on the advisory board of BroodStack, a company that offers outsourced software development services with offices in Utah, South Dakota, and Trivandrum, India. Following his time at BroodStack, Deru brought his skills to the nonprofit sector as a board member for EnLevo, aiding in technology and fundraising efforts in support of their mission to build more sustainable lives for Guatemalans in remote villages.

“I’m eager to join Orkid Solutions and contribute to the growth and success of small businesses,” Deru shared. “Orkid’s dedication to empowering small business owners resonates deeply with me, and I’m eager to merge my experience and insights with their forward-looking approach. By combining technology and unparalleled service, we’ll forge new paths for small business success and longevity.”

Deru’s appointment as Chief Product Officer marks a significant milestone in establishing Orkid’s organizational structure and service foundation. 

About Orkid Solutions

Orkid Solutions, Inc. focuses on relieving small business owners of daily burdens by identifying blind spots and filling operational gaps. Following a comprehensive analysis, Orkid strategically connects business owners with its network of top-vetted partners, eliminating guesswork and equipping executives with the tools to efficiently scale their operations and adapt to ever-changing needs. Visit to learn more.