RevRoad Awards Over $20,000 in Cash and Services at Entrepreneur Competition 2021

The 2021 Entrepreneur Competition is Sponsored by Central Bank.

Electricity surged through the air in Provo, UT this past Saturday. Was it the hints of lighting in the storm looming overhead, taunting the spirits of the competing business owners? Maybe, but more likely it was the adrenaline rushing through the veins of Utah’s brightest entrepreneurs as they set up their trade show booths for the 2021 RevRoad Entrepreneur Competition, sponsored by Central Bank. 

The 4th annual RevRoad Entrepreneur Competition sponsored by Central Bank, kicked off Saturday morning with an outdoor trade show. The 36 companies who had made it past preliminary rounds stood at the ready as event sponsors, community members, and judges made their way to each booth. Only a short while into the event, Utah’s sky began to downpour much-needed rain, but spirits were not dampened. In the true fashion of entrepreneurship, the competing companies remained at their booths with smiles on their faces, business cards in their hands, and the perfect elevator pitch on the tips of their tongues.

After the trade show concluded, everyone was officially welcomed inside RevRoad HQ , and the semi-final round began. Each company had the chance to deliver a 5-minute pitch to a panel of 4 judges with 2 minutes for Q&A. After this round, everyone gathered back in front of the stage in anticipation of learning which 6 companies would be moving on to the semi-final round. 

This year, our competition semi-finalists were as follows (in no particular order): 

Jayflex Fitness

Once announced, it was time for each finalist to deliver their best pitch in front of a live audience of over 200 attendees and 24 judges. One after the other, each company presenter took some deep breaths and walked onto the stage knowing only one would go home with the $10,000 Central Bank Grand Prize. 

Tactic CEO, Reid Hiatt, pitching in the RevRoad Entrepreneur Competition final round

At the conclusion of the final round, the judges gathered in the lounge to deliberate. Over a nice lunch, each judge shared their thoughts about each company and collectively discussed each pitch in detail. Soon, the judges each had their top 3 company picks and submitted their votes individually. 

“I was blown away by the companies participating. Congrats to RevRoad for hosting an amazing competition.”
Rachelle Morris, Executive Director at Crestone Capital and competition judge

Returning to join the public and the competing companies, it was finally time for the award ceremony. The competition finalists sat eagerly as they awaited the highly anticipated announcement. 

RevRoad Entrepreneur Competition 2021 judges.
2021 RevRoad Entrepreneur Competition judges.

Here is the list of winners for the 2021 RevRoad Entrepreneur Competition: 


$10,000 cash prize sponsored by Central Bank
Krado Krado is developing a plant care system that contains a proprietary sensor, mobile app, and tailored product delivery to empower indoor plant owners to revolutionize their plant care. Krado leverages real-time data, community data, and expertise to provide intelligent and tailored guidance to make plant care fun and easy. No more guessing, your plants tell you what they need to stay happy, and Krado delivers it right to your door. 

“We are so honored and grateful to have been selected to participate in RevRoad’s entrepreneurial competition and be chosen as the grand prize winner.  The competition is a great way to showcase Utah’s fantastic startups. Seeing all the judges, volunteers, and sponsors involved shows how much work goes into an event like this. Not only is it great for networking and opportunities, even if your company doesn’t win, but you’re also pitching in front of decision-makers. This is an excellent event for early-stage companies to test their pitching skills and ideas in front of individuals from various backgrounds. Most importantly, it adds ignition to your startup.”
Eric Lo, Co-founder at CEO at Krado

RevRoad Entrepreneur Competition 2021 1st place winners.
RevRoad CEO, Derrin Hill, with Entrepreneur Competition Central Bank Grand Prize winner, Krado.


$2,500 cash prize 

DiningTek — DiningTek is an all-in-one business development engine and marketplace for the food and dining industry. They provide marketing automation, branding, and e-commerce solutions along with a food and dining marketplace under one platform. As a category master in the food and dining industry built and backed by true food and dining entrepreneurs, DiningTek provides high-profit margins, brand elevation, and customer retention for their merchants. 

“It was an experience unlike any other—a room full of creatives, problem solvers, and entrepreneurs. Above all, everyone walked away learning something new!”
Jaspal Singh, CEO and Co-founder at DiningTek

RevRoad Entrepreneur Competition 2021 2nd place winners.
RevRoad Co-founder, Amy Caldwell, with Entrepreneur Competition 2nd prize winner, DiningTek.


$1,000 cash prize

Tactic — Tactic is a B2B SaaS solution designed to help companies manage workplaces where employees have the flexibility to work from home or the office. The platform tracks office utilization metrics, giving companies insights into how efficiently office space is being used over time with a focus on team collaboration. Employees can easily see everyone’s in-office schedule, where everyone is sitting, and reserve their own spot at the office in just a few seconds. 

“Rain included, we had a great time at Ecomp! The entire RevRoad team did a fantastic job putting on a professional event that was also a lot of fun. From the entrepreneurs that presented, to the judges present, I was impressed by the caliber of individuals we had the opportunity to network with.”
Reid Hiatt, Co-founder and CEO at Tactic

RevRoad Entrepreneur Competition 2021 3rd place winners.
RevRoad founders, Amy Caldwell and Derrin Hill, with Entrepreneur Competition 3rd prize winner, Tactic.


$1,000 cash prize

Yedding — Most people are looking to have their special day be something unique—something out of a fairytale. But many commercial wedding venues are expensive and hard to access. Yedding is the Airbnb of private, undiscovered properties and locations. Yedding is an online marketplace for property owners to connect with those looking for event venues allowing for memorable and unique events.  


$5,000 consultation credit sponsored by World Trade Center Utah

Jayflex Fitness — Jayflex is the home fitness company that created the “Swiss Army Knife” of exercise equipment. They pack multiple functionalities into compact gear so that you can get fit anywhere. Jayflex offers the most versatile at-home workout equipment available. Their products, CrossGrips and Ryze-Ups, are game-changers in the home fitness space offering endless workout possibilities!

RevRoad Entrepreneur Competition 2021 winners.
RevRoad Entrepreneur Competition 2021 winners.

Every year the RevRoad Entrepreneur Competition, sponsored by Central Bank, brings together Utah’s finest entrepreneurs, leaders of the most successful Utah-based businesses, and community members to support amazing startups. From start to finish it is a day that showcases true ingenuity and grit from the founders that participate. 

“The RevRoad Entrepreneur Competition is a great experience and opportunity for everyone involved. As a judge, I enjoyed the opportunity to get the first look at an impressive group of startups and begin to follow their journey. One of the best parts of the competition was brainstorming and collaborating with the other judges—a collection of amazing minds—and building relationships that will carry over into each of our respective businesses.”

Ronnie Price, Founder, Investor, and competition judge

Investor and competition judge, Ronnie Price, at the RevRoad Entrepreneur Competition trade show.

To see a list of the judges involved click here.

Entrepreneurship is the promise of tomorrow. RevRoad is passionate about creating cultures that effectively support entrepreneurs determined to build a better future for themselves, their communities, and beyond. 

The next RevRoad Entrepreneur Competition will be held in September of 2022. For more information or updates, visit or follow us on Linkedin and Instagram

Written by: Bri Ray, Digital Marketing Director at RevRoad

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