2021 Q3 Onboarding: Get to Know Our New Portfolio Companies

This week RevRoad welcomed three new companies into its portfolio: The Simple Associate, Hypercraft, and Localeyes. RevRoad’s application process is intentionally extensive in order to match ourselves with companies that we can help successfully grow. While paying close attention to various KPI’s and projections, RevRoad also takes immense care when interviewing and getting to know the leadership teams of each company. After-all, great leaders build great companies. So, let’s dive in with an insider look at the newest RevRoad portfolio companies.


First up, we have LocalEyes. Through focused research, LocalEyes Founder and CEO, Logan Nicholson, came to the conclusion that, “Vacation rental guests are particularly interested in attending local businesses.” 

The LocalEyes team has set out to provide an ample opportunity for local businesses to gain more publicity and exposure within the tourism industry. LocalEyes connects the hotel and vacation rental markets, local businesses, and paid media all onto one platform. Through the use of a QR Code in rental properties like Airbnb, travelers are directed to the LocalEyes website to find unique discounts for the best local businesses in town — including restaurants, entertainment, and retail. 

“Put yourself in the mind of a small business owner. Imagine the issues you might come across—like reaching the right target market (especially in highly competitive areas).”

Logan Nicholson during his introductory pitch at the RevRoad on-boarding event.

Their strategic revenue model and quick scalability opportunities in new cities brings an exciting pace to RevRoadHQ where they will be officing for the next year or so.  

Fun Fact:

LocalEyes pitched to RevRoad with the desire to join a previous portofolio cohort. At that time, the LocalEyes product was not yet developed, nor proven, to a point at which RevRoad could confidently adopt them into the portfolio. Instead, the LocalEyes team was given action items to complete and then asked to re-pitch for an upcoming portfolio cohort. The LocalEyes team took this feedback like wildfire, built their team and gained over 20 clients, repitched, and were adopted into the RevRoad portfolio on July 6, 2021.  

Their Team: 


Next, we have The Simple Associate. The Simple Associate is like Turbotax for litigation documents. Its software service autofills  legal paperwork for litigators and reduces menial tasks litigators would otherwise perform by hand. 

CEO and Founder, Nathan Walter, was a legal attorney for 5 years and found himself in an ethical dilemma as he was forced to settle cases simply because it was cheaper for the client, rather than because it served justice. This led to The Simple Associate mission “to reduce the cost of legal representation.” 

Entering a $9.6 billion dollar market, Walters believes now is the perfect time to introduce a legal software solution, especially because lawyers are increasingly working from home. In addition, there is a desperate need for innovation and The Simple Associate intends to deliver. 

The Simple Associate is on track to launch between Q1 and Q2 of 2022. 

“This is a no brainer. I don’t know why every litigator wouldn’t want this.”

– Trevor Zink, Omni Law Group, LLC

One of the components RevRoad found most attractive about The Simple Associate is their team and advisors. 


Nate Walter, Esq. (CEO) — Practicing litigator, background in AI litigation services, Writes Python

Chris Maffin (CTO) — Lead engineer at Relativity: the #1 litigation support software, Led 20 person team at startup with $30M exit, 10+ years of coding experience

Josh Daniels (Frontend Engineer)

Bridget Albiero (Designer)

Eric Burt (Data engineer)


Stephen Henn (Commercial advisor) — CRO at Orrios

Collin Walter (Product Advisor) — VP at Calm

Fun Fact: One of the first items of business for The Simple Associate is a possible rebrand. RevRoad’s resources will help with some additional market research to determine if a rebrand is called for, and, if so, provide sufficient options and ideas. 


The final company welcomed into RevRoad’s portfolio as part of the 2021 Q3 cohort is Hypercraft—the electric motor supplier to companies, creatives, and entrepreneurs who would like to take new electric vehicles to market. Hypercraft has the vision to democratize advanced electric propulsion systems, yet, in today’s market, there is not a simple and cost-effective electric drive system available to make that happen. 

Because electric transportation is always innovating, Hypercraft brings fast-paced growth opportunities to RevRoad. Their experienced team and vast network prove impressive and valuable as they begin their partnership with RevRoad.

The RevRoad leadership team at lunch with the newest RevRoad Portfolio Companies

Learn more about RevRoad. Apply to join the RevRoad portfolio at apply.revroad.com.

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