The RevRoad Rally: What You Missed

On Wednesday, June 9, RevRoad hosted their 3rd Annual RevRoad Rally event! We invited local businesses, organizations, and entrepreneurs to give back and enjoy a night out as we welcomed the summer. RevRoad Rally is a free event designed for families, community members, and city partners to join RevRoad and entrepreneurs from around the valley. This year’s Rally was a brilliant success with over 3,000 attendees! Read on for some event highlights!

Honorary Guests

One of RevRoad’s main goals in hosting the Rally is to honor Utah’s community of people with special needs and help them create unforgettable memories. It’s a unique opportunity for all members of the community to feel included, get involved, and build relationships. At the event, we hosted a catered dinner for our special needs guests from Medallion Manor and Topham’s Tiny Tots Care Center. After the dinner, we took Polaroid photos of them, gave them T-Shirts and Swag Bags, and allowed them to see the cars before the rest of the community arrived. It was the highlight of our night!

Car Show

This year, we had our biggest car show yet with about 200 cars at the Rally! We had rows of Camaros, Model A’s, limos, buses, and all kinds of custom and vintage cars. It was a great time for people to take photos and meet other car-lovers.

Kids Events

Chalk the Block: Families joined chalk artists as they created beautiful masterpieces in real-time. 

Kid’s Car Wash: Our friends at Wiggy Wash were so kind to put together a fun and refreshing kids car wash. As the kids sat down in their “car” (tricycle)  they pedaled through pool noodles and sprinklers for their car (and body) wash!

Train Ride: Children were lined up to go on a motor-operated kids train ride.  Cars, helicopters, and trains– we had it all!


With a team of RevRoad staff members, our portfolio companies, and community volunteers, dinner was prepared for the first 2,000 guests that attended the Rally! They made fresh hotdogs and had a sack lunch of water, chips, and a cookie. 

Helicopter Candy Drop

We ended our evening with a crowd favorite, the Helicopter Candy Drop. Ryan Bacher, from RaceReady, got into his Helicopter at 7:30 pm. As the Helicopter whirred around the park, you could find children running back and forth before the drop. Once the helicopter had reached a safe hovering height, they dumped thousands of pieces of candy. There was nothing but excitement as kids ran to collect their candy!


If you missed the RevRoad Rally this year, we can’t wait to see you next year! You can also see video footage of the event on our Instagram.

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