Affinity Canvas Launches Groundbreaking SaaS Platform to Fill Major Gaps in Customer Onboarding

Studies have found that 70% of consumers in the U.S. stop doing business with companies due to poor customer onboarding and orientation experiences—not because of the company’s product, website design, or marketing strategies. With the amount of competition in our economy today, a single slip can send customers running in the direction of competitors. The solution? A smooth and consistent customer onboarding, or welcoming, process.  

On March 25th at RevRoad HQ in Provo, UT, Affinity Canvas officially launched its groundbreaking SaaS platform to help companies of all sizes fill the major gaps in customer onboarding. Those who attended the sold-out launch event, were introduced to Affinity Canvas and its founding team. In addition, audience members had the opportunity to hear from and connect with best-selling author, Donna Weber. Greg Lloyd, Affinity Canvas Cofounder and CEO, commented, “We are so excited for the launch of Affinity Canvas. We’ve created a tool specifically designed for Customer Success and Implementation teams that have frequently been under-served. A solution that shortens time to value for customers, delivers a great experience, and holds customers accountable. A simple tool that delivers big value for companies and their customers.”

Affinity Canvas brings design, execution, and measurement into one simple, powerful solution. By providing a simple-to-use, yet robust tool for client success, implementation, and customer onboarding, Affinity Canvas equips teams to manage their processes and improve consistency/replicability, customer transparency, and on-demand staff collaboration/system updates. Onboarding expert and best-selling author, Donna Weber, recognizes the difficulty yet importance of customer onboarding. She says, “Onboarding is the most important part of the customer journey, yet many B2B companies fail to act proactively at the start of the relationship. Instead, Customer Success teams are stuck making heroic efforts to save accounts—fighting fires when customers inevitably run into problems or get stuck.”

The goal is to create a quality customer experience for every customer, every time. The Affinity Canvas software strategically sets companies up to deliver the best experience to both customers and employees. Affinity Canvas Cofounder, Matt Lloyd, explained, “From a revenue perspective, companies are realizing the need to figure out how to decrease their cost of revenue by increasing revenue from existing customers. “Affinity Canvas is built to help get their customers to first value quickly, then help them be intentional with processes & lifecycle outreach that helps to grow their current customers wallet share.” When companies understand customers’ and employees’ motivations, they are able to identify opportunities and solidify knowledge about how to deliver the best experiences and quickly turn new customers into raving fans! This ensures companies deliver the right process for the best experience every time. Through these improved experiences, companies will maintain customer relationships, increase retention, and scale.


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