Photos Tell Stories: Keep Memories Alive with Persnickety Box

We live in a digital world. Smartphones make every special moment easy to document—which is great until there’s a software glitch, a device crash, or technology advances make old files unreadable. So, how can we get these precious photos off of our phones and into our hands?

Chari Pack, founder at Persnickety Prints, let her passion for photography lead her to opening a print shop. Persnickety Prints specializes in printing timeless photographic images. Their waterproof, ageless prints are meant to last a lifetime. 

“Photos evoke an emotion that you can’t get from anything else; photos tell a story.” — Chari Pack

After talking to customers, Pack realized the process of getting photos off of digital devices and printed was a headache. Naturally, she set out to find a solution—introducing Persnickety Box. 

Persnickety Box is the easiest way to get photos off devices and into hands. After logging into the app and allowing photo access, simply swipe the desired photos into a digital box, and then sit back and watch your actual box get delivered each month. The beautiful 4×4 prints are delivered in a keepsake box to be enjoyed forever. 

“It’s totally different to feel a photo. It helps you relive—it helps you go back to those moments.” – Heidi Swapp (storyteller)

Every Persnickety Box includes 30 photographs—think of it like a photo a day. The modern box is compact and easy to store on a shelf or to keep out for when guests arrive. 

“There are so many ways to use these little prints and keep memories alive.” — Chari Pack

Persnickety Box hosted a virtual pre-launch party for those already within the Persnickety database. Within 20 minutes, Persnickety Box completely sold out. With a new shipment of boxes in hand, all pre-orders have been shipped and Persnickety Box is accepting new orders!

Learn more about Persnickety Box here

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