RaceReady forms exclusive partnership with Spot Insurance

There weren’t any accident insurance options for dirt bike racers… until now.

Provo, UT—  Utah-based motorsports tech company, RaceReady, has stayed innovative and found continued success amid an international pandemic and economic downturn. They recently formed a partnership that will change the motorsports industry and handle insurance needs for racers. 

RaceReady recently partnered with Spot Insurance, an insurtech company who has reimagined the insurance ecosystem for the outdoor industry and its enthusiasts alike. Spot provides injury insurance to athletes and adventurers and was founded on the belief that breaking a bone shouldn’t break the bank. Spot is integrated across a number of partners including ski resorts, terrain parks, sports leagues, outdoor associations, registration platforms, and now RaceReady.

Spot and RaceReady are partnering to provide motocross racers with injury insurance exclusively on the RaceReady platform. Racers now have the opportunity to purchase Spot for any RaceReady event and get up to $20k of coverage for their medical bills should they have an accident on the track. For the first time, racers have an option to buy insurance, at minimal cost, that covers them immediately. 

“For motocross racers, getting Spot is a no brainer,” said Spot Co-Founder and CEO, Matt Randall. “We have created an entirely new way to insure people, giving riders peace of mind when they need it most.” Trusted by top athletes around the world, Spot’s ambassador program includes American professional motocross and supercross racer, Jason Anderson. 

According to Race Ready it is important that riders have this benefit available. “We are so excited to offer racers this additional benefit at the time of checkout to ease their concerns about potential accidents, and help them race to the best of their ability—worry free,” says Greg Call, CEO of RaceReady.
RaceReady is uniquely positioned to solve the data challenges of race promoters, racers, and sponsors in the motorsports industry. Adding accident insurance options makes races even more safe. Visit iraceready.getspot.com to learn more.


About RaceReady

Based in Utah, RaceReady is run by power couple Greg and Lisa Call. The two have been involved with their sons in motocross racing for decades. They saw the need to help the world of amateur off-road racing through technology. For promoters, events are difficult to administer and score. Riders wish they had lap times, fast results, and better methods to show off their results. Racing sponsors everywhere wish there were better ways to identify rising talent and metrics within the sport. RaceReady addresses all these problems with a cloud-based event management platform complete with integrated live timing, event management and no upfront cost for promoters.  RaceReady is the only single platform where promoters, racers, and sponsors get all of their data needs met in the world of off-road motorsports. Learn more at iraceready.com.

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