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Education Lifeskills creates cognitive-behavioral curriculum which helps all students of every background overcome their self-defeating thoughts and behaviors and achieve higher levels academically and socially.


1) The flexibility of our content delivery – it can be provided online or in print, it can be done self-directed or in groups. 

2) Our Cognitive Behavior Training model – Cognitive Restructuring – focus on the subconscious mind and emotional hierarchy of needs.

3) Our technology makes it easy for admin, counselors, and social workers to deliver a high-quality intervention without a huge increase in workload, time, and effort on their part.

We are excited to form partnerships and relationships with schools, school districts, and communities that understand the value of SEL (Social & Emotional Learning) and cognitive – behavioral curriculum which help students overcome their self-defeating thoughts and behaviors and achieve higher levels academically and socially.  If we never change negative thinking, we will never change negative behavior.  As a society, our way of life depends on the ability of the rising generation to be prepared to meet current and future challenges.

"The Positive Thinking Skills class has been great for the students of Dixie High School and I hope we continue to offer it in the future."
Adriana Gomez
"I found it to be very relative in today's society. I appreciate the message of people being responsible for their own actions regardless of their upbringing. I wish this program was available when I was a kid. I support this program for all schools."
"Lifeskills courses, in conjunction with counseling services, have been a gamechanger for our administrators and counselors looking to keep students engaged in school. Our 3-month pilot has gone very well, and we look forward to embedding the program into our daily student supports (socially, emotionally, and behaviorally)."
Don Scatena
"My experience: The curriculum was so helpful to my students, because Education Lifeskills gives them opportunities to be real in real situations. This has helped them be successful in applying the skills, and also figuring out what their peers are going through. I am thankful that I was able to use it."
Veronica Bustillos



Skill Struck focuses on helping all of today’s students prepare for tomorrow’s workforce by developing their technical skills and helping them master the concepts of Computer Science.


1) Ease of Use: Any teacher, regardless of background, can quickly become proficient in delivering computer science curriculum. Complete lesson plans are already organized by grade and topic.

2) Integrated K-12 curriculum aligned to national computer science standards. We partner with districts to create a seamless K-12 alignment, with full implementation and support.

3) Rigor of the pathway – we have a focus on helping students advance from block coding to syntax.

The platform is focused on project-based learning where students learn, apply and reiterate their newfound knowledge through additional practices to cement their skills.  Our online instructors infuse creativity and fun into sessions with our students.  At Skill Struck, we are passionate about igniting a love for learning through helping kids and teenagers harness the power of technology for digital skills and personal development. We are committed to an engaging, fun, and safe environment for students to reach their full potential.

"The program and the people behind it are innovative, intelligent, and organized. The platform is very user-friendly and l have been able to guide my students easily through the curriculum.”
Dillon Gilpin
"All of the content is fun and engaging for our students! Regarding the support and partnership, they are always on top of everything. Small issues are resolved quickly, and that is not typical with other EdTech companies."
Donna Woods
"Yeah the kids are loving it. Some even take it home and keep working on it there. I also like how there is extra material to keep the quicker kids engaged."
"I'm much less intimidated to add computer science to my classroom now that we've started Skill Struck."
Joules Avellino



Keep every student fully engaged in reading, even while at home. Literal makes books just as engaging as social media.   Easily track student progress remotely and turn reluctant readers into avid book worms.


1) Appearance/Aesthetic – it’s important to meet students where they spend their time. Literal matches characteristics from the most popularly used consumer and social media apps that students spend an average of 6+ hours a day using. 

2) Text chunking, personalization, variability, among other evidence based reading strategies – the only reading program on the market with integrated text scaffolds.

3) Classroom management – in all types of learning, but remote learning especially, it’s super difficult for teachers to gauge what students are doing and what their not. Literal makes it easy and painless with book groups.

Every student loves to read, They just don’t know it yet.  Literal is a modern hub for the worlds best content. Browse our quickly expanding library of classic literature and modern titles. We work constantly to bring new publishers, independent authors and Literal Originals to the platform every week. 

Literal users include administrators, educators, and students in 43 states, from over 100 school districts with over 800k teen readers. And all of them rely on Literal to make books far more engaging than most modern social applications.

"Literal makes reading extremely easy and engaging. For those that have read chat stories, this is a great app to bridge the gap to great content and reading!"
"This app changes lives! If you're worried about your children struggling to read because they are on their phone, then this is the app you need. This text based reading will keep your children on their phones reading and ENGAGED."
"This is THE best app for reading from your phone. I feel like I am cruising through books."
"Fantastic, creative product. Makes reading much more engaging and interesting."
David Tolk